TACKLIFE Charcoal Grill, 22.5 inch Portable Grill for Outdoor Grilling Barbecue, Picnic Patio Backyard Camping Cooking Grate for Steak Chicken, Enjoy Your Outdoor Life

▲ TACKLIFE – There is never a cooking method that can reflect the taste of the food itself like a barbecue
We are the fans of the barbecue, we are the spreaders of the barbecue culture, the barbecue allows us to return to the natural wilderness and enjoy the fun. Sharing food, promoting communication and emotional communication, he deserves to belong to everyone

▲ The Secret of Barbecue – Temperature Control Design
Easily respond to a variety of ingredients, prevent baking, and roast out more delicious
There is a damper on the side of the furnace body, which is used to adjust the burning degree of charcoal and the temperature inside the furnace, and easily respond to different ingredients to prevent baking paste
The top thermometer design makes the baking temperature more clear, and the baked ingredients are more fragrant and delicious

▲ Convenient Lid Placement
The angled lid hook allows you to conveniently hang your lid on the side of the grill to avoid placing it on the ground

▲ One-touch Clean System(Ash Leak) – Easy To Clean
The One-Touch cleaning system provides hassle free cleanup of charcoal ash and debris by swiping it into a high-capacity, removable ash catcher

▲ Oversized Wheels & Reinforced Four Support Legs
Durable all weather wheels of portable charcoal grill, easily move your grill around the yard or patio.Increase the stability of the grill during use

▲ Enjoy Your BBQ Time & BBQ Master
Now you can open your barbecue party; Prepare some food to enjoy this happy weekend with your family
At the end of the day, you will find that more and more things can be baked, you are already a master of barbecue

Product Features

  • ☘ Large Cooking Surface: Portable charcoal grills with 22 inch diameter cooking space, at least 12 to 15 burgers at a time. Ample cooking surface provides a festive dinner for a big family. 2 convenient wheels make you easy to move the grill
  • ☘ PERFECT HEAT CONTROL&RETENTION: Charcoal grill has upper and lower fire switches to flexibly adjust the appropriate firepower without hassle to lift the lid.Temperature gauge allows the griller to keep track of pre-heat status and monitor the inside temperature of the grill.The round porcelain-enameled coating bowl and lid retains heat well to flow for even grilling and can withstand high temperatures of 800 degrees,the surface will never rust,crack
  • ☘ EASY TO USE&UNIQUE CLEANING DESIGN: Convenient handles for portability and grilling on the go,The inside lid hanger hook under the lid could be hung on one bowl handle without hassle to lift it or put it on the ground.The ash leak under the bowl and the ash catcher become the best choice to be one-touch cleaning system.Easy dump ash pan for fast and simple clean up
  • ☘ HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT MATERIALS: Use thick material,high quality spraying process.Four 32MM diameter thick legs,two 170MM large wheels,more sturdy when used,it is stable regardless it is grilled or moving, There are two handles on the grill, so you can add wood carbon at any time
  • ☘ EASY TO ASSEMBLE&PERFECT GRILLING: Detailed manual and complete accessories help you spend short time in assembling the grill well.The thick grilling bowl and lid with porcelain-enameled coating provides precise heat retention for grilling tastier food.outdoor camping by getting your friends or family hovering around the grill, hungry for tempting charcoal flavor of burnt food.this product comes with 1-Month free trial & 2-Year warranty