80″ Solar Light Outdoor 3,000K Soft Solar Floor Light for Outdoor Lawn Grill Light and Backyard Lighting

Our 100% Solar Powered Outdoor Light adds a much-needed brightness of 3,000K soft light to outdoor patios and backyards. Candlelight and ambient lighting are simply not enough when you’re having an outdoor party, dinner or even cooking on the grill in the evenings. Our solar lights charge during the day, and illuminate the area as if you were inside. Constructed with a sturdy base, the lamp will not fall over in the wind, and will not be a safety hazard to children running and playing in the backyard. However, it is still portable and allows you to move the lamp virtually anywhere, even indoors. The unique solar powered design allows the lamp to be 100% solar powered and have a full charge with just 6 hours in the sun. It can be continuously left on, giving plenty of light to your backyard gatherings. In addition, it is weather resistant and can withstand heat up to 149° F and coldness up to -22 °F.

100% Solar Powered
100% Wireless
Easy Installation
Weather Resistant (IP54 Rating)
Heat Resistance:149 F / Cold Resistance: -22F
150-degree rotating lamp head
Dusk to Dawn feature that can be turned ON/OFF with “moon” button
Light Source: LED Light
Power Source: 100% Solar Powered
Lumen: 600 lumens (12x stronger than similar products)
Light Color: 3,000K Soft Light
Battery: Lithium Ion
Materials: Base & Poles (Metal), Lamp Head (Plastic & Solar Panel)
Package Dimension: 13.5 in x 17.5 in x 4 in
Package Weight: 15 lbs

Product Features

  • 100% SOLAR POWERED – With a height of 80″ (6.7ft) this light requires no electricity and is fully charged by the sun. The highest setting of brightness is 600Lm which is 12x brighter than similar products with a soft light rating of 3,000K. This lamp is excellent for lighting backyard parties, BBQs and dinners.
  • 100% PORTABLE – With no wires at all, this outdoor lamp is completely portable. Easily move the lamp in any area that is needed.
  • DUSK TO DAWN FEATURE: This built in feature is optional and available to use at night. When the sun sets and it becomes dark, the light will automatically turn on and light up. This feature is optional and can easily be turned on and off with a button and provides continuous non dimmable light.
  • SOLAR CHARGE – 6 hours of direct sun exposure is needed to fully charge the battery. Please make sure there are no obstructions such as branches, or shade covering the lamp head. On cloudy days, it might take longer to charge.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: There is no need to worry about bad weather. The lamp has a waterproof rating of IP54 and can withstand coldness of -22F and heat of 149F. Under extreme weather conditions, please use at your own discretion.