STEICO LIT Fire Starter for Lighting of Charcoal – logs – BBQ – Grill – camfire – Fireplace – fire Pit – Wood Oven and Stove – All Natural Large Squares firestarters (144)

Introducing non toxic, EU made firestarters from wood fiber. Nothing but natural ingredients are perfect to use both indoors and outdoors. Easy lightning of logs, BBQ, grills, fire places, fire pits, wood oven and more. Convenient size to take for camping or store at home.

Product Features

  • Non-toxic and eco friendly fire starters made from woodfiber. Will not alter flavor or odor of food
  • Each firestarter square guarantees sustained flame for 8 -15 minutes
  • Retains lighting ability even after being soaked in water. Simply break the cube in half and light on dry side
  • Quick start in all weather: wind, rain and snow
  • Fire starts without a spark. Does not stain hands and/or clothes