BBQ Grill Splatter Mat for Gas Electric Oven & Smokers – Absorbent Grill Pad Washable Floor Mat Protects Deck and Patio from Grease Splatter (30” x 48”, Black) Plus Reusable Cleaning Cloths(2)

Gas Grill Splatter Mat protects brick, stone, wood and composited decking surfaces from grease, oil and food stains. The material is absorbent, non-skid, durable, and has a special bonded PVC backing that prevents soak-thru from above and below.

Use it under Gas/Electric/Wood/Charcoal Barbecue Ovens or Smokers.

The mat is non-stick to floor keeps the deck and patio clean from permanent stain damage.

LEAK-PROOF – “Gas Grill Splatter Mat” does not allow water/oil penetration through it. Anti-skid, anti- fouling and super absorbency would protect your patio or decking area from unsightly grease stains or splatters and keep the floor clean.

The pad can also be used for a variety of other purposes including as a car trunk mat (easily cut to any size), garage mat, collecting oil from beneath a vehicle.

Absorbent Grill Pad is lightweight and Washable. Premium Grill Mat is made with an environmentally friendly non-slip backing.

Use of the Splat Mat requires a minimum of 24″ clearance between the gas grill heat source and the mat.

Large Cleaning Cloth: Reusable, Durable and ECO Friendly. Great for any cleaning Job, cleans dry and wet surfaces.

Estera protectora para parrillas y pisos de barbacoa o ahumadores. Utilice como gas una almohadilla de la parrilla o estera de salpicaduras. La alfombrilla para salpicaduras de MÚLTIPLES FUNCIONES es delgada, liviana y suave (fácil de cortar) y se puede usar como estera para maletero del automóvil o para usar en su garaje debajo del automóvil, cortadora de césped, quitanieves, herramientas de jardín o motocicletas para evitar manchas de óxido y óxido en el piso.

Splatter Mat
Material: Polyester Fiber + PVC Backing
Size (L x W): 48 x 30 inch
Weight: Approx. 520g
Color: Black

Reusable Cleaning Cloth
Material: 80% Viscose + 20% Polyester
Size (L x W): 15 x 15 inch
Quantity: 2 Clothes

Product Features

  • DECK / FLOOR PROTECTION: TRAPS SPILLS: The Premium Gas Grill Mat protects your deck, patio and other outdoor surfaces by trapping grease, sauce drippings, food stains and BBQ mess. The splatter mat is made out of tough long-lasting 100% polyester non-woven fabric that will not bond or adhere to composite deck.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: No More Oil Spills – Super absorbent fiber absorbs and collects liquids. Absorbency prevents oil from getting tracked around your deck or patio and also removes the threat of slipping on spills. NON-SLIP BACKING: non-slip, skid resistant backing keeps the grill mat in place and prevents it from moving around. The waterproof bottom layer traps spills from the Barbecue or the Smoker and prevents liquid or grease from soaking through and damage or stain the surface below.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Splatter mats are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. EASY to CLEAN – When the grill mat gets dirty, simply toss it in the washer or hand wash with soap and hose off. For best results machine wash and hang dry. Do not use bleach.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Use as a car trunk mat or Use in your Garage under the car, lawn mower, snow blower, garden tools or motorcycles to prevent oil and rust stains on the floor. Auto Mechanics love these. Floor Mat easily cut to size with a scissor.
  • REUSABLE CLEANING CLOTH / WIPE – 15″ x 15″ MULTI PURPOSE: Cleaning Cloths are great for clean around the BBQ oven, Kitchen Clean Up, Wipe Down The Countertops, Dry Water around the Sink, Remove Dust Around the Household, Clean the Car, and all Kind of Cleaning Jobs. ECO Friendly.