GASSAF 6FT Horizontal Low Pressure Propane Regulator with CSA Certified LPG Hose for BBQ, Camping, Tailgating

Item model: YX-QC101_6ft
Inlet Pressure: 25-250PSI
Outlet Pressure: 11″W.C.
Flow Capacity: 95000 BTU/Hour
Certificate: CSA
Hose Length: 6feet/72inch

The male end connects a standard size propane QCC-1/Type-1 tank and the female end attaches to a 3/8inch flare fitting. Installs quickly and easily tool-less attachment to propane tanks.

Product Features

  • The Maximum 95, 000BTU per hour, low pressure propane regulator with 6feet/72inch Low Pressure LPG hose for propane gill and fire pit table, strong hose will last for a long time
  • Connects to QCC1/Type1 LP tanks and cylinders,fits to gas grills, heaters ,fire pit table and most QCC1/Type 1 low pressure gas application
  • 3/8-inches flare fitting has an outside diameter of 5/8-inches in order to accommodate the flare seat
  • Great for BBQ, camping, tailgating, heating needs or having an outdoor cookout
  • Provides secure, air-tight connection between grill or fire pit and tank, no gas leaks, ensures safety while using grill, no issues with regulator or gas, air flow is kept stable and at appropriate levels