VBENLEM BBQ Charcoal Grill 25W Heavy Duty Charcoal Barbeque Grill Stainless Removable 4 RPM Equipped with Lid Temperature Gauge and Liftable Fire Plate Portable for Camping

Traditional charcoal grill for delicious gourmet meals. Compact design and versatile application to fit most patios, balconies and decks with ease. Spacious cooking grates retain heat evenly helping to lock in the juices and make the meat more tender. And also easy to clean. Non-deformation stainless steel material, easy cleaning and rust resistant. Concise frame simplifies assembly.

Human Desigh
Sufficient Cooking Area
Heat Insulation Lid
Hassle-free Using Experience

Gridiron Net: 17.3″x32.7″ (44×83 cm)
Cooking Area: 566 sq. in
Motor Power: 25W
Rotary Speed: 4 RPM
Gross Weight: 76.7 lb (34.8 kg)
Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 40″x19″x27″ (102x48x68 cm)

Package Content
1 x BBQ Charcoal Grill
1 x Food Tong
2 x Seasoning Cans
2 x Sauce Brushes
1 x Pair of gloves

Product Features

  • 【BBQ CHARCOAL GRILL WITH HUMAN DESIGH】- Motor Power: 25W, Rotary Speed: 4 RPM, Cooking Area: 566 sq. in, Gridiron Net: 17.3″x32.7″ (44×83 cm). Made of high quality 201 stainless steel construction. High temperature and corrosion resistant. Ash pan allows dumping ash easily. Adjustable vents for better cooking results. Anti-scald handles plus heavy duty lid. Additional shelf for more storage.
  • 【SUFFICIENT COOKING AREA】- 17.3″x32.7″ (44×83 cm) gridiron net forms up a sufficient cooking area of 566 sq. in. Allowing perfect grill for large roasts including whole chicken, suckling pig, turkey, lamb and many other animals with almost no effort. Easy cleaning after cooking.
  • 【HEAT INSULATION LID】- Heavy duty lid equipped with anti-scald handle. Rapid roasting and flavor adding can be realized by covering the grill, even for thick raw materials. Temperature gauge and transparent window attached to observe and control cooking status. And there is liftable fire plate along with the machine, you could adjust it yourself according to your needs.
  • 【HASSLE-FREE USING EXPERIENCE】- Four universal caster wheels with locking brakes on two of them, enabling this table to mobile everywhere to access ingredients and utensils with no effort. Eliminates heavy duty work from your arms. Agile choice compared with fixed legs and limited movement. 2 side boards to store your tools and raw materials.
  • 【PERFECT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES 】- Charcoal grill is convenient to move around. Great for both skewers and large amount of meat. Enjoy wonderful barbecue experience with friends, family and guests on the balcony, indoor and outdoor party, travel, park, beach at anytime.