GasOne B-3000H-1+50480 Propane Burner with Cover 100,000-BTU High Pressure Stove, Black

Our high-pressure burner is the best choice for anyone who has more in mind than the average fried egg. The b-3000h-1 comes with multiple features that make it worthy of any project, such as a cast-iron build that ensures it’s durability. The burner also has adjustable & removable legs, making it easy to store & bring wherever you go. Along with the legs, A foolproof heat dial will help you set your burner to whichever mode of heat you wish. Capping at 100, 000 BTU, this propane stove offers limitless adventures.

Product Features

  • Weather proof cover – Gas one cover protects against rain, snow and other outdoor elements
  • No more backpain from cooking or brewing with height adjustment – With two sets of detachable legs, The b-3000h-1 allows for the usage of a taller burner to get rid of pesky back pains when having to crouch over to fire up a high-pressure burner. Remove a set of the detachable legs to create a short sturdy burner!
  • Easy heat adjustment with a regulator heat dial – the b-3000h-1’s Propane hose/regulator has a built-in adjustable heat dial to control the flame directly from your regulator!
  • Rugged construction – Made with tough welding and a study body frame, the gas one’s single high-pressure propane burner is guaranteed to last long with consistent strength. The b-3000h-1’s burner head is made of resilient cast-iron and allows for an output of 100, 000 BTU!
  • Safety 1st – includes a High Quality regulator with ensured quality control.