AstroAI Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer, 550 Non-contact Temperature Gun with Range of -58℉~1022℉ (-50℃~550℃), Red

The Astray Infrared Thermometer Gun quickly reads and displays temperature results thanks to advanced technologies that also allow you to take these temperatures from a safe distance. Professionals use Infrared Thermometer guns for everything from cooking, baking, and barbecuing, to checking engine and tire temperatures in Auto Racing. Whether you need to check the temperature of a freezer, or how hot the asphalt is on a racetrack, the Astray IR Thermometer will do the job! Features like Data Hold, Backlit Screen, and Integrated Laser Pointer make this device so much easier to use, even at long distances or tight work spaces. Specifications Temperature Range: -58℉~1022℉ / -50℃~550℃ Distance to Spot Ratio: 12: 1 Accuracy: 2% or 2℃ Resolution: 0. 1oC or 0. 1oF Repeatability: 1% of reading or 1℃ Response Time: Spectral Response: 8-14um Emissivity: 0. 95 Storage Temperature: -20~60℃ (-4~140℉) Package Contents: 1 x Astray Infrared Thermometer 1 x 9V Battery 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Check out our VIDEO on the left side and take a quick tour of AstroAI infrared Thermometer!
  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: It’s never been easier or safer to take temperature readings in the kitchen, garage, during home repairs, commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning(HVAC) installation and more thanks to Innovative IR Thermometer Technology
  • Enhanced accuracy: The distance to spot ratio is 12: 1, making it easier to accurately measure temperatures from greater distances; an integrated laser assists with accurate aiming to better locate surface temperatures
  • Increased functionality: using the thermometer gun is simple thanks to features like data hold, an LCD backlit screen, easy Fahrenheit/Celsius switch, 7 second Auto-off, and low battery indication so you never accidentally run out of juice
  • Safety first: measure temperatures as frigid as -58°f or has scorching as 1022°f, all at a safe distance from the temperature source
  • 3 years from AstroAI
  • Note: temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects. The measured temperature for humans or animals will not be correct