VBENLEM 14″ Electric Countertop Griddle Grill 110V 1500W Non-Stick Commercial Restaurant Gril Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill with Adjustable Temperature Control 122°F-572°F

1500W 14″ Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle 110V Stainless Steel Restaurant Tabletop Flat Top Grill Machine with Adjustable Temperature Control
14.2″ x 11.8″ (360 x 300 mm) large size flat cooking surface. 0.3″ (8 mm) steel board heats fast and even. This countertop griddle is perfect for cooking vegetables, meat, steak, squid, grilled cheese, pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc. Smooth knob control allows you to adjust the temperature of the griddle to cook different raw materials. Easy operation, great for both home and commercial use.

Sufficient Cooking Area
Precise Temp. Control
Convenient Cleaning
Even Heating
Multiple Cooling Holes
Wide Application

Power: 1500W
Plug (Yes / No):YES
Body Material: 410 Stainless steel
Cooking Plate Material: Cast Iron
Temperature Control Range: 122°F-572°F (50°C-300°C)
Temperature Range:32°F-572°F(0℃-300℃)
Over-Heating Protection:NO
Oil Splashing Protection:extra 2″ ( 70mm ) high splash guards on 3 sides protecting
Emovable Grease Tray:YES
Cooking Plate Dimension: 14.2″ x 11.8″ ( 358×350MM )
Cooking Plate Thickness: 0.3″ (8 mm)
Overall Dimension (with Feet):14.1″ x15.3″x8.7″ ( 360×390×220MM )
Net Weight:11KG (24.3 lbs)

Package Information
1 x Electric Countertop Griddle
2 x Spatulas
2 x Brushes

Product Features

  • 【SUFFICIENT COOKING AREA】- Large size steel cooking surface of 14.2″ x 11.8″ (360 x 300 mm). 0.3″ (8 mm) in thickness, won’t deform easily. With dense heating coils, foods are able to be cooked evenly and thoroughly compared with cheap sparse coils.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY OPERATION】- Precise temperature adjusting knob with clear scale of 50~300℃. LED light indicates heating status.
  • 【EASY CLEANING】- Electric griddle body made of stainless steel. Large oil spill besides cooking board conveniently drains oil into the drawer below. It is easy to take off for cleaning.
  • 【CONSIDERTE PROTECTION】- Extra splash guard on sides and back of the griddle protect the user and surrounding walls from hot grease and oil splatters. Multiple vents on both sides effectively dissipate heat and help machine to maintain reasonable temperature.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Perfect for processing vegetables, meat, steak, squid, grilled cheese, pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc. Widely used in snack bars, canteens, chain stores, supermarkets, etc.