GASPRO Multi-Tasking Propane Infrared Outdoor Cooking Master, XL Steakhouse & Cast-Iron Griddle 2-in-1, Dustproof Foldable Panel

The GASPRO infrared propane grill is the newest trend in backyard grilling. It gives every steak the perfect cook in seconds. Keeping all the juices and flavor inside, and fat crispy outside. The 117 square inches cast-iron griddle offer multiple cooking options.

You can do so many dishes in the different heat zones:
Meat: sous-vide steaks and chops, ribeyes, chicken thighs and kabobs.
Seafood: shrimp, skewers, salmon filets.
Veggies: corn, potato chips, large pieces onion.
You can also make egg, sandwiches, nachos, enchiladas, hamburgers.

The GASPRO infrared grill with easy-start electronic ignition and infinite control burner valve settings. Warm-up time is fast (about 4mins) , so you can whip up a quick meal less than 30mins. For 2-3 person or a family this is great, or even as a complement to a larger grill.

GASPRO infrared grill unique designed double-use connection:
1lb connection and standard grill connection (3/8″ male flare), the two of the connection universal for most propane hose.
1.Uses disposable 16.4 oz LP cylinder (sold separately)
2.Uses big LP propane tank. (Propane hose sold as set)
3.Uses RV Propane tank. (Propane hose sold separately)

Product Specification:
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Flow Capacity: 15,000BTU/hr
Fueled Type: LP Gas Propane
Ignition Type: Push Button Electronic Igniter
Product Dimension: 25.7″ W x 22.6″ D x 15.9″ H
Product Weight: 34.8 lbs
Temperature Range: 200-1500 Fahrenheit

Package Included:
Rod Grid x 1
Grease Tray x 1
Cast Iron Griddle x 1
Wooden Grid Tool x 1
Silicone Oven Mitts x 2
5-Feet POL Adapter Hose x 1
Product Manual x 1


Product Features

  • Boasts the infrared cooking system reaches an incredible 1500°F, serves up steakhouse-quality steaks about 2 min per side. Matched a cast-iron griddle to achieve multi-tasking cooking
  • 6-notches in the grill rack determined the grate’s proximity to the infrared heat source, offer different heat zones for meat, seafood, and veggies.
  • Gives you multiple connection options, built-in a standard 3/8″ male flare fitting in the valve and regulator. It allows you to connect any 3/8″ female flare hose to a big propane tank.
  • Opening the front panel that can temporarily place freshly cooked food during the cooking process. Covering the front panel to keep the internal of the grill clean when you are not using it.
  • Pass CSA certified, safety use for outdoor backyard grilling, RV traveling, camping. Constructed of premium 304 stainless steel, sturdy and rustproof, easily clean after usage.