Wood Grill Scraper Natural Wooden BBQ Grill Cleaner Non-bristles Safer Than Wire Brush Woody Safe Scrape Barbecue Griddle Cleaning Tool,Works on Gas/Charcoal/Outdoor Grills


There has been an increase awareness of how dangerous the wire grill brush is. Even the best grill brush is very dangerous. Across America many have been rushed to hospitals because a piece of metal wire was in their stomach, after the consumption of food. The scraper is a no metal/ no plastic alternative to keeping your grill clean. With our wooden grill scraper you will never have to worry about finding a wire grill brush bristle in your food again!


Keep your barbecue grill clean the natural way! Our wooden grill scrapers are non-toxic, eco friendly and biodegradable. This BBQ cleaner is made from 100% solid oak, our scraper will not mold and is extremely durable. In a world where so many things are harmful to our environment, it is nice to know that this grill scraper is looking after us.


Sleek edges and organic curves fit comfortably in your hand. Lightweight and durable. Naturally cleans and oils all types of BBQs without scratching them.


Grill cleaning can be messy. Cook Time wood grill scraper easily cleans and oils your grill, custom fitting your specific grill design. 


To form custom grooves: once the Barbecue grill is hot, turn off your BBQ. Hold Scrape Daddy by the handle, slowly and firmly apply pressure to the grill. Move your grill scraper along the grill. The design of the grill will begin to burn into the scraper. Continue this routine on the flip side of the scraper if desired. Once custom grooves are formed, use grill daddy to clean your BBQ after cooking. Waiting until the grill has cooled down to clean will insure a longer lasting BBQ cleaner.

Product Features

  • 🔥【SAFER】–No more dangerous metal bristles in your food again.The BBQ grill scraper is perfect for all types of grill, especially works well on sensitive grill surfaces like ceramic, Kamodo-style, etc. DON’T scratch the grill.

  • 🔥【MORE EFFECTIVE BBQ SCRAPER】–Specifically Designed for cleaning top and in between of grates. This wood grill scraper brush combines 3 tools into one,convenient and saving money.

  • 🔥【SUPER EASY TO USE】–The oak wood will form grooves unique to your grill pattern,the more you use your scraper the better the more effective your scraper becomes.. The Ergonomic Design handle is comfortable to use and keeps you far away from grill heat.

  • 🔥【STRONGER】–Made from 100% natural Oak, this extra thick and strong Grilling scraper will easily outlast other scrapers, giving you years of natural cleaning.

  • 🔥【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】–If you are not satisfied with the bbq grill cleaner,we promised you will get your money back or a new replacement. All our products deserve a 60 DAYS NO-QUESTION-ASK RETURN service.