Waterproof Magnetic BBQ Grill Light – Grill Lights for BBQ with 12 Super Bright Led Bulbs Water Resistant Adjustable Rotating 360 Degree Flexible Clamp Clip Lamp Perfect Accessories Indoor and Outdoor

Chuzy Chef’s BBQ Grill Light gives all of you of this.

Attractive BASE – holds to most metallic surfaces, so you can position the light in different places on your BBQ barbecue

SCREW CLAMP – attaches immovably to tables, work seats, vertical and level edges to give light in each area.

ADAPTABLE GOOSENECK – configuration enables you to flex and point light at the most ideal edge, even in cumbersome areas

12 LED LIGHTS – give a solid, wide field of light.

VERSATILE AND WIRELESS – cordless activity with 3 AAA batteries (excluded)

MULTI FUNCTIONAL – light you will utilize both all around.

Fulfillment 100% GUARANTEED with our Manufacturer 30-day unconditional promise

If You want to grill later in the night, in a park? Camping in the forest, hiking to the top of the mountain? You need without hands light sparkling at simply the correct plot for each errand at your work seat or for little repairs in ungainly spaces. Answer to all your questions is Chuzy Chef’s BBQ Grill Light.

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Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL GRILLING : Grill Lights for BBQ will help you make perfect outdoors outside cooking in night
  • FIT ALL KIND OF GRILLS best lighting for electric gas and charcoal grille clip on, connect to gill lid
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: bbq light works perfect for wherever you need connect to a garage or office table
  • BATTERY POWERED : BBQ lights for grill need 3 AAA battery (not included)
  • FLEXIBLE NECK:The neck is 22 inches and flexable, allows to adjust 360° and feasible for any task