Vegetable Grill Basket and Wok Topper use as a Pan or Smoker. with Ebook Bonus | For Stir Fry and Grilling Fish, Seafood, Kabob, Pizza, Veggies & Fruit. Best BBQ Grilling Accessories. stainless steel.

No More Losing Veggies in the Grill!

Your grilled fish & veggies will never fall into the flames of your charcoal or gas grill again! This Grill Basket from Luxury Grill Products keeps your food safely contained and prevents it from slipping through the grates.

Ideal for a Variety of Foods

Our 12 x 12 x 2.24″ gourmet grill basket is perfect for grilling:

• Fruit such as strawberries, sliced apples & peaches
• Delicate seafood such as flaky fish, shrimp and scallops
• Small vegetables like mushrooms, peppers & onions
• Sausage and chopped meats such as beef, chicken & pork

Durable, with a Smart Design

Made of 430-grade stainless steel, this grill basket’s perforated design promotes excellent heat retention and even cooking for delicious results. Certification by Germany LFGB (LMBG) means it’s of the highest quality.

• Corrosion-resistant
• Perforations promote even cooking
• Handles allow for easy transport from grill to table
• Nonstick for hassle-free cleanup; dishwasher safe
• Ideal for outdoor barbecue, camping and picnics

How to Use

1. To ensure nonstick grilling, wipe or spray the grill basket with oil.
2. Prep your food with seasonings, marinades or oil.
3. Allow the grill basket to get fully hot.
4. Add your food.
5. Have pot holders or grilling gloves nearby. NEVER touch the hot grill basket. It will burn your hands.

FREE Ebook with Tasty Grilling Recipes

Your purchase includes a FREE BONUS E-BOOK about different vegetables and their health benefits. It also includes delicious recipes that can be made using our premium veggie griller.

The Vegetable Grill Basket by Luxury Grill Products makes a fantastic wedding or housewarming gift for him or her-and don’t forget to grab one for yourself!

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Product Features

  • GRILL VEGGIES & FISH WITH EASE: Grill small Veggies like Brussel sprouts,Asparagus,Kabob,Pizza, fruit & fish without losing it through the grates!. Add chopped veggies to the tray and get the pleasant smokey flavor. Use as Wok, Pan, Traeger, Roaster or Smoker. Best Gift for Dad!
  • EASY TO CARRY: The raised edges in our meatball basket keep food safely inside the topper. The long handle allows you easy transportation to and from the grill. The high quality bar bq accessories also facilitate carriage due to the versatile sett after preparing sumptuous foods like hamburger.
  • SMART, STURDY DESIGN: Super BBQ Accessories like the 430-grade stainless steel with mesh design and solid stand allows for fast cooking and threading onto the skewers. The stainless steel can also be used as a stovetop grill pan. Includes BONUS RECIPE EBOOK!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Quick spray of oil makes the cookware set nonstick. When you’re done, put it in the dishwasher or hand wash.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy with our veggie grill basket, let us know and we’ll issue a full, no hassle refund!. Measures Exactly 13.6″/12″/2.2″.