Trophy Grill Bristle Free Cleaner 100% Rust Resistant Safe BBQ Grill Brush with Scraper – Professional 17″ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scrubber – an Essential Grilling Accessory

Looking for the BEST of the best?

Well look no further!

Trophy Grill presents the best Bristle Free Grill Brush for cleaning your BBQ!

Stainless Steel and Bristle Free, 17″ Long Handle with Scraper.

Just to be sure, our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE removes all risk.

Cleaning is now a joy!

Let’s be honest, scrubbing the dirt of a grill is a downer. It never ends, takes effort and by the time you’re done you forget about all the fun you’ve had, right? Well not when you have the Trophy Grill Bristle Free Brush. Three rows of stiff durable helixies and scraper will clean more area with each stroke. In no time, your grill will be sparkling!

Only clean and healthy eating!

The Bristle Free Grill Brush eliminates the risk of bristles going into your food, and leaves a cleaner and healthier grill surface than other BBQ brushes.

Storage bag included!

Compared to other grill brushes, ours comes with a stylish storage bag, perfect for those sunny days in the park or when you’re out camping.

1) Pre-Heat the Grill.
2) Use the Scraper to gently remove the lumps of grease.
3) Have a container with water right next to you to dip the Brush in regularly while brushing.
4) Work in sections along the vertical grates. Please don’t glide over horizontal grates as you would with a wire brush.
5) Depending on the diameter of your grill grates, angling the brush backwards slightly can provide a deeper clean.

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Product Features

  • 🔥[ EFFICIENT BRISTLE FREE GRILL BRUSH WITH SCRAPER] – You’ll never have to worry about pieces of wire in your food every again! Effective and safer than ever before, our heavy duty design allows you to scrub your grill with confidence again and again without breaking and shedding metal. Your grill is a trophy, keep it new and shiny! The perfect grilling gift!
  • 🔥[CLEAN AND SHINY] – Ok, so here’s some facts: it’s durable, it doesn’t rust, it’s got 3 rows of hard spirals that can clean off all those stubborn grease stains and it’s got a sharp scraper attached, just to be safe. Heat up the grill and dip the brush in water repeatedly for a shiny steam clean!
  • 🔥[THOUGHTFUL DESIGN] – You wanted EFFICIENCY? 3 brushes and 1 scraper combined give you the ultimate 4-in-1 grill cleaning tool, working 5x faster and better than any standard grill brush . You wanted EFFORTLESS cleaning? The perfect angle between brush and grill will save you the labour and give you full control. You wanted SAFETY? the ideal 17 inch handle length keeps your hands far and safe from the heat so you can scrub with confidence.
  • 🔥[PERFECT FOR MOST KINDS OF GRILLS] – Including weber gas, smoker, kona, traeger, charcoal porcelain, ceramic, iron/steel grill grates. The more flexible, upgraded helix design will work perfectly on most grill types.
  • 🔥[100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR MONEY BACK] – That’s right! Our brush is backed by our manufacturer 30 money back guarantee, so you can buy the brush with absolute confidence knowing that your money will be refunded if you’re not completely satisfied!