Titan 390 Sq. in. Covered Park Grill with Shelf

The Titan Covered Park Grill will allow you to grill a host of meats and vegetables, accommodating large cuts of meat, chicken skewers, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and more. The 390 sq. inch cooking area is more than enough room for backyard cookouts, and the grill grates are food-grade safe. The cover allows you the option to smoke your meats, and the two side vents help you to regulate smoke. Just shove some charcoal underneath the rack and begin grilling!

Spring handles on the cover and grill grate will keep your hands safe as you work the grill. The side shelf measures 19″ x 9″, giving you plenty of room to prep food and have your cooking accessories close at hand. No longer do you need to wait your turn to use the park’s grills. Plus, you can rest assured that the grill you use is safe and clean because you and your family will be the only ones using it.

*Note: This listing does not include a grill stand. Park grill must be installed into the ground.

– Grill cover allows you the option to smoke your meats
– Two side vents, one on the cover and another on the cooking chamber, to help regulate smoke
– Spring handles on the cover and grate will protect you as you work the grill
– Side shelf gives plenty of room for food prep and cooking accessories
– Durable steel construction can withstand the outside elements
– Powder-coated black paint job provides rust resistance

– Overall height: 45″
– Pole height: 26″ 
– Ash opening: 5 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
– Grill grate dimensions: 21″ x 15″
– Tray dimensions: 19″ x 9″
– Weight: 140 lbs.

Product Features

  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR COOKING: Our Covered Park Grill will make grilling outside easier than ever! Get bold flavor and juicy taste when you use this grill. It is suitable for small or medium-sized parties. Its sturdy grate is wide enough to accommodate meats and vegetables. Enjoy cooking delicious steak, chicken, burgers, fish, and more on our grill!
  • COVER YOUR GRILL: Close the grill cover to add the option of smoking your food! Two vents, one on the cooking chamber and one on the hood, allow you to vent as needed. There are spring handles attached to the grill and shelf, to stay safe while cooking.
  • LONG-LASTING CONSTRUCTION: You need a park grill that withstands harsh environments and unfavorable weather. Our park-style grill is made from heavy-duty steel for greater durability. It features a 9-gauge (3.8-millimeter) thick steel plate, and is powder-coated with black paint to add rust resistance.
  • MEASUREMENTS: The pole length is 26-in, and the overall height for the grill is 45-in. Grill grate measures 21-in by 15-in, giving a total cooking area of 390 sq. inches. The ash opening on the firebox is 5 1/4-in wide and 2 1/2-in tall, and the utility shelf on the side measure 19-in by 9-in.
  • ABOUT TITAN: At Titan, we are always willing to answer questions if you need to contact us. Our full-time teams work around the clock to make sure you get high-quality products and service for a wallet-friendly price.