STYDDI 0-30 PSI High Pressure Adjustable Propane Tank Regulator with Gauge, 4 Feet Hose Universal QCC1/Type 1 for Turkey Fryer, Outdoor Stove, Smoker, Cooker, Fire Pit and More Appliances

STYDDI let you eat like a king!

The propane has a Gauge that will tell you how much pressure you are turning the knot to release gas, let you adjust your fire better, make your stove/Grill/Burner/Smoker/turkey fryers like new.

If the stove/Grill/Burner/Smoker and more actually needs more or less pressure, you can adjust it with this instead of just being screwed by having the default regulator pressure.

The propane hose body is made of stainless steel it will long lasting for your appliance, prevent being bitten by small animals.

This propane hose with regulator has excess flow protection and will automatically shut off. Protect you from danger.

Material: Rubber PVC + Brass
Length: 4 feet / 48 Inch/122 cm
Gauge reading: 0 – 60 PSI (1- 400kpa)
Apply to: Propane burners, stove, turkey fryers, heaters, smokers and other propane appliances. Not suitable for appliances which need low pressure regulator.
Fryer Accessory Type: High Pressure Regulator
Outdoor Living Product Type: Fryer Accessory
Inlet Pressure: 25-250PSIG
Outlet Pressure: 0-30PSIG
Certificate: CSA

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE 0-30 PSI OUTPUT CONVERS WIDER APPLICATIONS. The upgraded pressure propane regulator can regulate the gas flow and pressure with wider adjustable pressure range from 0-30 PSI. It can replace the 0-20 PSI propane regulator, and be used with more high pressure propane burners.
  • BUILT-IN PRESSURE GAUGE GIVES YOU ACCURATE CONTROL OF THE HEAT. The propane is equipped with a pressure gauge/detector measuring from 0-60 psi (as well as 1-4 100xKPA). It tells you how much pressure you are turning the knot to release gas, lets users control their heat with a precise level of accuracy.
  • A MUST-HAVE EQUIPMENT FOR MOST PROPANE APPLIANCE. Type 1(QCC 1) tank end connector & 5/8″-18UNF outlet connection-3/8 inch flare fitting has an outside diameter of 5/8 inches in order to accommodate for the flare seat, which is compatible with most propane gas grills, burners, turkeys, fryers, smokers and cookers. It’s great assistant for BBQ, camping, tailgate party, heating needs or having a patio/camping outdoor cookout.
  • EXCELLENT SEALING QUALITY & EXCESS FLOW PROTECTION COMPLETELY ENSURE YOUR SAFETY. 100% solid brass corrosion resistant construction fitting provides secure, airtight connection between propane tanks cylinders and propane gas appliances. When your propane gas left in your tank too low, or the capacity flow of your appliance exceeds this regulator’s Max. flow capacity too much, it will shut off the gas flow automatically.
  • EASY AND QUICK ATTACHMENT FOR EASIER INSTALLATION WITHOUT ANY HASSLES! There are only two connections – One side works on a standard size propane tank cylinder fitting, the other side is installed on the burners. No tools needed, simply connect and go. No PTFE tape needed for connection seal.