Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Scraper – Safer Than A Wire Brush for Cleaning Your Barbecue Grate – Add This Bristle Free Barbeque Cleaner to Your Tailgating Accessories – Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Get your grill grate clean as a whistle – without dangerous stray wire bristles.

This 5 in 1 barbecue grill tool works with most grills and is a safe, effective way of cleaning your grill for your next BBQ.

Rusty, filthy grill grates can lead to foul-tasting and potentially contaminated food. But WIRE BRUSHES OFTEN SHED THEIR BRISTLES, which can then wind up in your meat. So what’s the solution? It’s the 5 in 1 Grate Grill Scraper in Stainless Steel by The Sage Owl.

These barbeque grill tools WORK WITH MOST ANY DESIGN, BRAND, AND STYLE OF GRILL, featuring 6 notches for round grates, 5 notches for V-shaped grates, and 3 notches for park and campground grates (fits Bar B Que grills in most state and national parks and campgrounds).

We even include a grill pan cleaner, griddle cleaner and bottle opener for added convenience.

Just a few quick passes over your grate removes built-up grease, charred meat, and other debris, LEAVING A SMOOTH AND CLEAN SURFACE that’s ready for your juiciest, most expensive cuts of meat.

► Universal Design
► Bristle-Free – Safer than Grill Brushes
► Compatible with Round, V-shaped and Square Grates
► Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction Lasts Longer Than Wooden Scrapers
► Small Size Lets You Take it Anywhere
► Included Accessories – Bottle Opener, Griddle Cleaner, Hanging Hook and Chain

The Grate Grill Scraper WORKS JUST AS QUICKLY AS A WIRE BRUSH, yet is safer for use around food.


► Weber
► Charcoal
► Infrared
► Gas
► Wood Pellet
► Indoor Ovens

These tailgating accessories make great stocking stuffer ideas for that special outdoor cook.

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Product Features

  • SAFER THAN A BARBEQUE WIRE BRUSH – While BBQ brushes can LOSE THEIR BRISTLES (which can land you in the ER), our bristle-free grill gadget ELIMINATES THIS SAFETY HAZARD for your complete peace of mind.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – 13 grooves clean the WIDEST VARIETY OF BARBECUE GRILLS: charcoal, gas, electric, panini, flat top, Weber, Lodge cast iron grill pan, dutch oven, indoor oven racks, wood pellet, park and campground.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Made of STAINLESS STEEL, which makes these rugged Bar B Que grill tools outlast brass, aluminum and wooden scrapers. Even the RUSTIEST, CRUSTIEST grill is no match for these barbeque grate cleaners.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Its COMPACT SIZE lets you stash this BBQ scraper in your pocket, backpack or glove box. Take it tailgating with you. Included Accessories – BOTTLE OPENER, GRIDDLE CLEANER, S-hook and ball chain for easy storage.
  • IDEAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT – These tailgating accessories make great stocking stuffer ideas for both men and women. The best grill tool for your barbque tool kit in any price range – under $50, 20 dollars or 10 bucks.