Simplistex – Heavy Duty – 4 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Tool Set for Indoor/Outdoor Grilling

The Simplistex BBQ Tool Set is perfect for the warm summer days of grilling outside! Made of all stainless steel this BBQ tool set is beautiful and will hold up for a long time! They are large (18″) and extra strong for handling the largest of grilling jobs! This 4 piece tool set contains all the basic tools you will need to start your summer of grilling! No lugging around useless extra tools that you’ll never use, all the basics to get the job and done right!

Many barbecue tool sets being sold have a great looking price. But when you get them they are tiny and flimsy. Our grill tools are built to last, they are rigid and large for handling whatever you thow at them! At about the same price as other more flimsy tools you can’t go wrong with the Simplistex BBQ grilling tools!

Also, the grill brush comes with 3 cleaning options! A wire bristle side, fiber scrubbing pad & a metal scraper for those burnt on bits that are tough to get off!

Worry free…. The Simplistex barbecue tool kit also comes with a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against manufacturing defects with a simple and easy claims process! Don’t be left our in the cold with an unresponsive company. Simplistex stands behind what they sell!

4 Piece stainless steel set
Soft TPR handle grips for comfort
Set contains: 1 Grill brush; 1 Spatula; 1 Food tongs; 1 Meat fork
Tool length – 18″
Grill brush a wire bristle side, fiber pad & a scraper tool
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defects*

Product Features

  • OUR BBQ TOOLS WILL MAKE YOU A GRILL MASTER. The Simplistex BBQ tool set is built to handle the largest steaks, burgers, brats & dogs you can throw at them. Your BBQ tools shouldn’t let you down when you them most during your next barbecue when trying to flip that rack of ribs or large roast. Designed with extra reinforcements these tools won’t give out under the weight of any food or roasts you throw at them.
  • TOOLS WITH SUPERIOR STRENGTH & DURABILITY. Our BBQ tools were designed by real grillers doing real grilling. We tried lots of tools and many designs to make sure we got it right and these grilling tools were the result. Many of the BBQ tools being sold look great in pictures but they end up being tiny and flimsy. That is what sets our tool set apart from the others. Strong, large and beautifully crafted to handle all grilling needs!
  • ALL THE ESSENTIALS. When choosing what to include in our BBQ tool set we decided to get rid of all the fluff and look at what’s really important. Through much research and polling we found most people don’t need or want all the extra “tools” that come in so many of the barbecue sets currently available. So, we chose to offer a barbecue tool set that includes the main necessities of what people REALLY need for grilling!
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR… WHEREEVER! Our barbecue tools are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor grilling area or even for general cooking in your kitchen. The large BBQ spatula can even be great for things besides burgers such as pancakes or omelets! The tongs are so strong you may even use them to help flip your oven roasts! The serrated spatula edge, super sharp fork prongs, the extra strong tongs & 3-in-1 grill brush have nearly unlimited uses around your kitchen!
  • ZERO HASSLE 1 YEAR WARRANTY. At Simplistex we stand behind our BBQ tool set 100%. If you have any problems with your tools get in touch and one of our super friendly and helpful USA based support staff will be ready and willing to help you out and get back to grilling ASAP!