SHINESTAR QCC1 Propane Hose and Regulator Kit for LP Gas Grill, Gas Smoker, Propane Heater, Fire Pit – 3/8″ Female Flare Fitting, Low Pressure, CSA (5Feet/60inch)

1. Please check to see if the propane tank has the standard propane valve fitting QCC1/Type1, like a Gas Grill, Heater, Fire Pit and Generator. Then see device if the other end is a 3/8inch Male Flare Fitting.
2. The output pressure of the regulator is set to 11 inches water column which equates to approximately.
3. Low pressure means the high pressure in your propane tank will be reduced and regulated to the correct pressure for your burners to work as designed.
4. Great for BBQ, camping, tailgating, heating needs or having an outdoor cookout.
5. Our propane regulator with hose has excess flow protection for your safety and will automatically shut off.

Q: How do you know if you need a parallel or vertical low pressure regulator hose?
A: They are the same. it depends on the space of your tank tray. If you use the propane tank with no tray, either is fine.

1.Warning!!! For your safety ALL propane appliances like gas grills, heaters and stoves are OUTDOOR Use.
2.FULLY TIGHTENED at both propane tank side and grill side before using on your propane appliances to prevent leakage.
3.To check and make sure the hose is away from the OPEN FIRE before installing to your appliances.
4.Keeping the hose away from HIGH TEMPERATURE.

Product Specification:
Certificate : CSA
Outlet Pressure:11”W.C.
Flow Capacity: 80000 BTU/Hr
Length: 5 feet /60 inch /152.4 cm (length of rubber hose only)

Please double check your appliance connection if is 3/8” Male Flare Fitting Connector.

Product Features

  • Max 95000 BTU per hour, the hose has a pressure regulator on it to reduce the pressure, it would be a small flame for your propane appliance. The outlet connection style 5/8″ SAE (3/8″-18UNF)
  • Used for gas grill, heater, fire pit, lp generator, two burner camping stove, side burner, etc. As long as your devices has a 3/8 male flare fitting. The output pressure of the propane regulator is 11 w.c.(1/2PSI)
  • The black part has the QCC1/Type1 connection for the 20lb-40lb LP gas propane tank, and then connect to your low pressure appliances such as BBQ grill, fire pit table, burner and heater, as long as your input fitting is compatible
  • Safety- Pass CSA certificate. The propane regulator with hose has excess flow protection for your safety and will automatically shut off, easy to install (Right Hand Thread)
  • High quality 100% solid brass corrosion resistant construction fitting, and provides secure, airtight connection between LP gas tank and propane appliances