OPT7 Aura PRO Bluetooth 4pc LED Lighting Kit for Boat | 24″ Multi-Color Strips w/SoundSync – Waterproof Peel’n’Stick Front Grill Valence – App Enabled- iOS & Android

All Around. Better. Bluetooth.
◆ Our custom engineered AURA Bluetooth chipset is set so that you DON’T get poor connection from distance and through the car/truck firewall that many cheaper kits have issues with.
◆ Scalable technology! These other sellers are not able to build on top of their app because they simply used a cheaper off the shelf app. Our custom build one means we’ve got a ton of features down the road that you will benefit from aswe update the app and our control box has been engineered to handle that ahead of time.
★One touch color selection
★Advanced color dimming
★Variable speed control
★Multiple flashing modes
Full Color Spectrum with Smart Color™ LEDs
Our revolutionary LED design combines Micro-LEDs of all 3 primary colors into a single SMD. This allows a perfect mixture of color at the micro level, emitting a more pure, brilliant light color.

Built. Not Bought.
Aura Lighting Strips are flexible enough to bend, twist and curve around any surface and provides heavy cover against any weather conditions.

Built Aura Pro Bluetooth Kit Includes:
1 x Aura Pro Control Box
2 x Y Splitters
1 x Cigarette Power Adapter
4 x 24″ LED Strips with Adhesive Back
3 x Plug-n-Go Fuse Tap Connectors
4 x 10ft Light Strip Extension Wire
1 x 10ft Hardware Power Harness
1 x Pack of Mounting Kit and Zip Ties

OP7 Exclusive Tailgate Assist- Now w/Color
The only one in the market with tailgate assist light feature. Now with color options exclusively for AuraPRO Bluetooth
Hear It, See It, Feel It with SoundSync
When the beat drops and you’re lost in the moment, your heart won’t be the only thing racing. Sound Sync illuminates the music with finely tuned bass-activated technology. It’s time to experience your music in a whole new light.

Product Features

  • OPT7 PROPRIETARY APP- Full Featured OPT7 Bluetooth Enabled App. The opposite of generic.
  • OPT7 DOOR ASSIST – Light up when you open your door. Now with in app color selection. ONLY with Aura Pro.
  • INSTALLATION – 5 Minute Setup with plug & play car charger OR Advanced Setup with easy plug fuse adapters
  • SOUNDSYNC – Exclusive bass activated technology-flashes your lights to the beat of your music
  • SMARTCOLOR – LEDs that mix colors at the micro level bringing brilliant colors true to the eye