Magnum Grill Grilling Accessories Premium Grill Mats Non Stick – Set of 2 Grilling Mats for Gas Grill, Charcoal and Electric. Grill Pad for Outdoor Barbecue. 11.5 x 14 BBQ Grill Mat, Reusable

Magnum Grill – Heavy Duty Grill Essentials to Match Your ‘ALWAYS Grill’ Life!

From sun up, to sundown – if you love grilling EVERY meal possible, but hate the clean up or flimsy tools then Magnum Grill has grill kits with your name on it. From spatulas to tongs, grill sheets, hanging magnets, and more! Check out the Magnum Grill Range and find the grill accessories you need most.

Because, one must NEVER miss an opportunity to BBQ anything – even pancakes and cheese!

… The 2 Piece Magnum Grill Mat Set!

Rejoice! Melted cheese, pancakes and eggs are FINALLY on the BBQ menu! Not only do they NOT fall down the grate (obviously), but when you add cooking spray they will NOT stick to the grilling mats. And naturally, it’s the best way to save time and effort instead of cleaning a dirty grill after every meal.

What’s in this Grilling Sheets BBQ Set?

Set of TWO 11.5 x 14″ Grill Pad (black) Heat-resistant PTFE and takes temps up to 500Deg! Grill Sheet does not contain PFOA, or other harmful chemicals Suitable for Charcoal, Gas and Electric Grills (Keep 5 inches away from naked flame) 30-Day Return Window and, LIFETIME Warranty Dishwasher Safe Grilling Mat

Need BBQ Utensils Too? Or Grill Tool Storage?

Check out our other Magnum Grill Kits, because in each utensil kit you also get a grilling mat and magnetic storage hook too! Perhaps the perfect gift for Christmas or Fathers Day, wouldn’t you say?

Breakfast Pancakes, Lunchtime Grilled Cheese, and a Dinnertime Burger. Magnum Grill Utensils and Mats are built tough for frequent, hardcore grillmasters!

Never. Not. Grill! by Magnum Grill.

Product Features

  • NEVER NOT GRILL: If you love grilling EVERY meal possible from sun up to sundown, Magnum Grill has a grill kit with your name on it. Because, one must NEVER miss a chance to BBQ! And this durable 2 Piece Grill Mat Set is only for folks who love to grill ALL of the grillicious things, ALL of the time!
  • NO MORE LOST VEGES! The Magnum Grill Mat is 11.5 x 14″, and thin. While other brands love to argue whether thick or thin is best, we’ll just be over here at the grill, minding our own business, admiring our delicate grill lines and robust flavor. See for yourself when you cook your franks!
  • AND NO STUCK MEAT: Rejoice! No more stuck veges and meat, and no more annoying clean up. And, if you want to cook eggs or pancakes, you can – just add a little cooking spray. And, while they’re non-stick, you’ll love knowing that they don’t contain PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals.
  • FOR ALL GRILLS: Made from heat-resistant PTFE, they can withstand temps up to 500Deg! But don’t let them touch naked flame, or flare ups because that’s MORE than 500deg, ok? Safe to use with Charcoal, Gas and Electric Grills. Also Dishwasher Safe and easier to clean than a sticky, charred Grill.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If these 2x BBQ Grill Mats don’t meet your expectations, they won’t meet ours, so you have 30-Days to return for a refund. Or keep them and enjoy our Lifetime Warranty! Breakfast Pancakes, Lunchtime Grilled Cheese, or Dinnertime Burgers – if you love to grill, Morning, Noon and Night, Magnum Grill BBQ Accessories are the heavy duty grilling tools to match your ‘ALWAYS Grill’ Life!