LEDGlow Million Color LED Grille Accent Neon Lighting Kit for Cars & Trucks – 18 Solid Colors – 12 Patterns – 24″ Multi-Color Light Tube – Includes Control Box & Wireless Remote

Enhance Front End Lighting
Add powerful LED lighting to your car or truck’s front-end with LEDGlow’s Standalone Million Color Grille Lighting Kit. This innovative kit features an ultra-bright 24″ light tube with a total of 54 SMD LEDs that will illuminate your car or truck’s grille with eye-catching lighting patterns. Once available only as an add-on to our underbody lighting kits, LEDGlow’s LED grille lights are now available as their own unique and independent kit with all of the features that come with our Million Color Underbody packages.

Product Features
Easily installed to the grille opening of your car or truck by attaching to the bumper support or hood latch support, this LED grille light bar is a dynamic upgrade that will completely enhance the look of the front of your vehicle. The included control box features 18 solid color modes, 12 flash patterns, 5 speed modes and an auto loop mode that will cycle through all of the solid color options. With LEDGlow’s Million Color feature, your kit will also display a nearly-infinite number of color variations for distinct one-of-a-kind lighting patterns. Available solid colors include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Teal, as well as variations of those colors. All of the solid color modes and lighting functions are easily operated by using the included 4 button wireless remote, or by using the buttons located directly on the control box. Additionally, along with the control box, wireless remote and mounting hardware that you receive as part of this kit, a 6′ distributor cable is also included. This helps you route the grille light to the control box location, while also featuring a waterproof, hub-like design.

LEDGlow’s Guarantee
LEDGlow offers free lifetime tech support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

Product Features

  • Showcase the Front End of Your Ride with LEDGlow’s Million Color Grille Lighting that Shines Ultra-Bright, Multi-Color SMD LEDs Through the Grille Opening of Your Car or Truck
  • Easy to Use Control Box & Wireless Remote to Select 18 Solid Color Modes, 5 Scan Modes, 5 Flash Modes, 5 Chase Modes, 1 Color Change Mode & 1 Color Fade Mode
  • Solid Colors Include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Teal, Light Green, Light Blue, Violet, Lime Green, Medium Blue, Pale Green, Baby Blue, Fuchsia & Lavender
  • Includes (1) 24″ Grille Light Tube, Control Box with Wireless Remote, 6′ Distributor Cable, Mounting Brackets, Self-Tapping Screws, Zip Ties & Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support & One Year Limited Warranty Included with Each LEDGlow Purchase