Kingsford Grilling BB0466 Deluxe BBQ Chimney Starter For Charcoal Grill, Silver

Kingsford charcoal chimney starter will help you light up your charcoal faster, easier, & more evenly. Chimney starter is crafted with You in mind, & features durable, rust-resistant zinc steel. The vented charcoal base & Circular air vents help light your charcoal as quickly as possible, while your hands stay protected from extreme temperatures with the heat shield & stay-cool handle. Directions:
things you’ll need: long reach lighter or matches, charcoal briquettes, heat resistant cooking mitts or gloves. Step 1: Place the charcoal chimney starter on top of a cold, clean grill. Step 2: fill the space under the vented base inside the charcoal chimney starter with a few sheets of crumpled-up newspaper or a few fire starter rolls. Step 3: fill the space above the vented base with briquettes. Step 4: with the long reach lighter or matches, light the newspaper & watch as the charcoal chimney starter evenly lights The charcoal briquettes inside. Step 5: Remove the upper grill grate. While wearing heat resistant mitts or gloves, grab the handle of your charcoal chimney starter when the briquettes are lightly covered with white ash & pour the coals into your grill. Step 6: Put upper grill grate back onto grill. Cautions: windy weather can disperse lit embers which can cause unintended fires. For outdoor use only.

Product Features

  • Charcoal chimney starter works fast – this easy to use charcoal chimney starter works fast. With the Kingsford chimney starter, your coals light up quickly and evenly
  • Heavy duty construction – This BBQ chimney charcoal starter is made with durable, rust-resistant zinc steel. Kingsford Coal chimney starter will be by your side, barbecue after barbecue
  • Built with Heat shield and a stay-cool handle – thanks to the heat shield and stay-cool handle, your hands will stay protected from extreme temperatures
  • Large capacity chimney starter for grill – Charcoal chimney starter measures 10.74″ x 6.8″ x 11.25″
  • No assembly required – your Kingsford chimney starter arrives assembled and ready to use at your next barbecue, tailgate, or camping trip