Kingsford Extra Tough Aluminum Grill Bags, For Locking in Flavors & Easy Grill Clean Up, Recyclable & Disposable, 15.5″ x 10″, Pack of 4

Kingsford Extra Tough Aluminum Grill Bags is your extra-tough partner for easy prep, cooking and clean-up, on and around the grill. Our aluminum grill bags are the size and strength you need to focus on the food and “kill it on the grill!”. Kingsford aluminum grill bag’s “dull side” gives you a food-safe coating to keep food from sticking!

Product Features

  • High Quality Aluminum Grill Bags Used To Cook, Steam, & Smoke Foods At Low Or High Temperatures
  • Easy To Use: Arrange Food In The Bag, Fold Bag Closed, & Slide Onto The Grill Or In An Oven
  • Great For Camping Or Grilling Away From Home By Prepare Food Ahead Of Time In The Kingsford Grilling Bags For Quick & Portable Meals
  • Create A Smoker Packet By Adding Soaked Kingsford Wood Chips To The Grilling Bag, Seal Bag & Poke Holes In The Bag, Then Place Directly On Heat Source