Kenley Smoke Hollow Grill Carry Bag – Storage Case Cover for Smoke Hollow 205 Tabletop Gas BBQ – Pockets for Propane & Accessories – Heavy Duty, Padded & Weatherproof

Perfect for the Smoke Hollow 205 grill
Specially designed, this Kenley Smoke Hollow 205 cover is a great choice for other, similar sized, tabletop grills. With a compact yet padded structure, this Kenley grill bag provides extra safety for your grill during transport and storage. The heavy-duty durable fabric is waterproof, dust proof and dirt proof, keeping your grill safe from the weather wherever you are. While you wouldn’t want to leave your grill outside full time, knowing it’s staying clean, dry and dirt-free until you’re ready to cook makes any camping trip, tailgating party or family picnic more relaxing. The interior is easy to clean and the internal dimensions are NxNxNin. The integrated padding built into this tabletop grill cover helps keep delicate parts of the grill safe, avoiding damage from knocks and bangs during storage or transportation.

Ideal for picnics, cookouts and camping
Grill wherever you like! The Smoke Hollow 205 grill fits in this bag fully assembled, and there are 2 pockets for 1lb fuel cylinders or cooking accessories. A well-padded shoulder strap and carry handles complete the bag, making it easy to carry. Keep everything you need for your grill together in this bag so you’ll always be ready for a fun cookout. Only put the grill in the bag when it has fully cooled down. Remove propane bottle or other fuel source before stowing and transporting your grill. For best results, remove any food waste and clean the grill before storing.

Product Features

  • PERFECT FIT FOR THE SMOKE HOLLOW 205 – specially designed for the Smoke Hollow 205, the grill can be placed in the bag fully assembled. Made from durable fabrics and built to last, it’s a great, compact bag for a great, compact grill.
  • FITS MANY TABLETOP GRILLS – designed as a Smoke Hollow grill cover, this heavy duty bag is a great choice for any similar sized grills. The internal dimensions of this grill bag are 27.6″ x 12.6″ x 12.6″, the pocket size is 11″ x 9.8″.
  • IDEAL FOR CAMPING, PICNICS AND TAILGATING – with an adjustable padded shoulder strap and carry handles, this tabletop grill bag is easy to carry and stow. It has 2 built-in pockets for holding 1lb propane cylinders or cooking accessories.
  • PROTECT YOUR SMOKE HOLLOW GRILL IN TRANSIT – no need to worry about damage should your grill knocks against other items in the trunk while in transit. This specially designed bbq grill storage bag is padded and durable, providing extra safety for delicate parts during storage or transport.
  • KEEPS THE WEATHER OUT – this Kenley tabletop grill cover is waterproof, dust proof, dirt proof and easy to clean. While we don’t recommend leaving your grill outside full time, even in the cover, this case will keep your grill clean and safe while camping, at the beach and more.