Johnsonville BTG0500 Sizzling Sausage 3-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill, Large, Black

American no. 1 sausage brand is making grilling easier for Sausage connoisseurs everywhere, with the launch of the new and improved indoor electric Sausage grill designed exclusively for Johnsonville fresh breakfast and dinner sausages. The team at Johnsonville has created the ultimate ‘surround-browning’ system with intelligent temperature control: golden brown, super juicy grilling every time. The uniquely shaped, non stick plates are built to bring you to grilling perfection. Each individual grill slot is sized and shaped to hold and hug brats and sausages in position while they sear. Brats and sausages won’t overcook or dry out because intellisense automatically tests for doneness and will shut the grill off when internal temperature is reached. You can grill an entire tray of Sausage at once, or just one. Because the grill plates molded to hold each Sausage individually, You won’t find cold spots or overcooked portions ever. The removable drip tray catches any excess drippings, and cleanup is top notch! The non stick coated drip plates snap out for dishwasher cleaning. Brats and sausages are the perfect protein for meals anytime, and this grill is kitchen counter worthy – from homes to apartments, RVs, and dorms. In less time than firing up the outdoor grill, you’ll be enjoying perfectly cooked brats and Sausage at your dining room table.

Product Features

  • Removable cooking plates: sear meat to golden brown perfection and seal in the juices, all with less hassle to clean
  • Intellisense technology: alerts you when sausage is done throughout
  • Enclosed design: even heating throughout eliminates splattering, capturing excess drippings
  • Cooks quickly: fresh breakfast Links and patties ready in 7-8 minutes and fresh dinner Links ready in 10-15 minutes
  • Customized cooking plates: allows flexibility to cook different serving sizes – perfect for making brats, Brat patties, and sausage links
  • Dishwasher-safe plates & drip tray: collects drippings for a faster clean