Instant Read Wireless Digital Remote Control Meat Thermometer with 6 Probes for Grill Smoker Outdoor

Package includes:
1 x High accuracy and ultrafast measuring meat thermometer
6 x Food grade durable stainless steel probe with wrap
2 x Probe clip holder
2 x AA batteries
1 x User manual

How to Pair the Device with my Phone?
Step 1: Download “Digital BBQ” in the APP Store or Google Play
Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth
Step 3: Press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds to power on it
Step 4: Open the app, press “Start”
Step 5: During the scanning, no action is required
Step 6: Press the Button on the top of the device
Step 7: You are all set!

Features and Benefits:
-Ultrafast and accurate measuring of up to 6 different temperatures at the same time
– Up to 300 ft range Bluetooth connection between the thermometer and smart phone app support both IOS and Android
-Temperature and Time alarm preset on the smart phone app for each individual probe
-Cook your meat to perfection without to check the temperature frequently

Warm Tips:
-Please DO NOT touch the probe right after cooking because they still might be hot.
-Please USE Bluetooth connection to link the thermometer to your smart phone app for easy use.

Product Features

  • Remote Wireless Monitor on Smart Phone App – The thermometer can be connected to your smart phone app via Bluetooth. You can monitor temperatures of all your probes while enjoying your time.
  • Temperature/Time Alarm Preset – You can set time and temperature alarm on your smartphone app for each individual probe. This function comes really handy when you are cooking different kinds of meat at the same time. When the smartphone app is connected with the thermometer via Bluetooth, you can read the temperature of each probe in real time with the confidence of your meat will never be over cooked.
  • High Accuracy and Ultrafast Reading -The temperature measuring range is 0-300℃ /32-572 ℉ with accuracy of ±1°C(1.8°F). It takes about 2-4 seconds for the thermometer to register the accurate temperature. With the backlight display, it is very easy to read in dark conditions. It is perfect for you to get your meat exactly the way you like. The foldable back hold can help you store it easily and conveniently.
  • 6 Durable and Accurate measuring probes – The meat thermometer comes with 6 durable high accuracy measuring probes that are made of food grade stainless steel and 6 ports with 3 on each side of the thermometer for convenient use. The probes come in with its own wrap to store them neatly.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Your purchase from us has a warranty for 365 days from the day you receive the product. So there is no need to worry about the defected product. If it was broken within 365 days, we will replace it!