GRILLART Grill Utensil BBQ Tools Set Reinforced Tongs 3-Piece Heavy Duty Stainless-Steel Barbecue Grilling Accessories, Metal Spatula, Tongs, Fork -Bonus Insulated Gloves (Orange)

Take Your Grilling Experience to the Next Level.
With our beautifully crafted grilling accessories, not only will you be a master of the grill, but you’ll look like one too!

Grillart 3-Piece BBQ Grill Utensil Tools Set includes Extra-strong tongs, barbecue meat fork, multi-function grilling spatula that featured an integrated bottle opener, a toothed edge, and a serrated edge for cutting grilled meats to check for doneness.
And now bonus a heat Insulated non-slip BBQ Glove.

Made from professional grade heavy duty stainless-steel with long comfortable grips, Grillart BBQ Tools help you conquer your food without grilling your hands.
Grillart Grill Tools make the perfect gift for the special man or woman in your life.

Spatula includes a serrated edge for tenderizing and cutting your meat. While this is razor sharp, it should not be used as a weapon in battle. You’ve been warned.
When working with open flames, fire resistant apron should be worn at all time.
Hot utensils should be held using BBQ gloves.

Always allow all utensils to be cool fully before washing as they will become very hot when used in open flame.
Please store well away from children, pets and vulnerable adults.
If the glove is included, the bonus glove (572°F Heated resistance) can only be used in grasping our hot stainless steel BBQ tools. Please keep the glove away from the direct BBQ heat. Please don’t use it near fire, or directly grab scalding food.

Order Includes:
Multi-function Spatula(17.5-inch)
Reinforced BBQ Tongs(17-inch)
Long Fork (17-inch)
Non-slip Heat Insulated Gloves(Bonus)

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Product Features

  • 【25% THICKER STRENGTHENED TONGS】- Made from 25% thicker professional grade stainless-steel, you’ll be amazed how sturdy the tool feels in your hand. Scalloped tongs allow handling of delicate foods, like fish, without tearing. With these trusty bbq utensils at your side get ready to shorten work of even the most fully loaded grill, you can get back to the party relaxedly!、
  • 【THE MOST PERFECT STURDY MULTI-FUNCTION SPATULA】- 18-inch long Multi-function Massive spatula helps you conquer your food without grilling your hands. The huge head for flipping even the biggest burger, the serrated cutting edge equaled to any steak knife for slicing your meat or scraping it away from a sticky grate. Even a bottle opened to make sure the Grill Master is always hydrated!
  • 【SUPER SHARP FORK】- The super sharp fork tines for skewering food. Easily skewer, grab or flip whole chickens, racks and briskets. Never worry about bending, breaking or rusting again. They are perfect accessories for cooking, baking or making salads.
  • 【LOOK LIKE A PRO】- SHOW YOUR FRIENDS WHO’S “THE MAN” ON THE GRILL whether you use gas, charcoal, infra-red, electric or rotisserie. Cast iron, steel or ceramic. These utensils even great for indoor kitchen use, also great for camping outdoors. No matter how gruesome the battle for your weekend grilling warrior, chuck them in the dishwasher and they will shine again!
  • 【LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND GLOVES BONUS】- Every Grillart product is backed by a full 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE. You can try Grillart Grill Tools completely RISK FREE. If our product isn’t for you, simply contact us and we’ll make it right. Click the “Add to Cart” button now. Consider getting TWO – one for you and one for your very best friend.