GRILL PINZ – Essential Grilling Accessory – Attach and Combine Food While Cooking (Better Than Grill Skewers) – Perfect for Attaching Bacon to Meat on The Grill (32 Pack)


We took our time to get Grill Pinz just right, from how they secure themselves and the materials we chose, right down to the diameter of the head to ensure they are easily seen and can be effectively grabbed with tongs.

The new generation of Pinz are crafted out of BPA-free nylon products and are available in three festive colors … Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Black. Our Pinz are custom designed to ensure that the post never separates from the head. They are resistant to bacteria growth and hold everything securely in place, while not damaging the meat or entree when removed.

When you design something for a single purpose you can focus on its function so that it works perfectly every time it is used. Grill Pinz were designed to hold food items together and eliminate the need for using toothpicks for cooking. Grill Pinz are made from FDA approved and BPA free material. They have a wide head to hold items like bacon well and be easily located and removed after cooking. Save your toothpicks for after the meal… You can make amazing recipes with a few simple ingredients. Check out this video for instructions on bacon wrapping foods for the grill: Bacon wrapped hot dogs, bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp, bacon wrapped chicken cordon-bleu, bacon wrapped asparagus bundles, the possibilities are endless.

In the past, toothpicks were frequently used for this style of grilling … often with terrible results. They’re prone to burn up on the grill and leave splinters and fragments in your food. In many cases over the years, people even died from accidentally swallowing a toothpick. Grill Pinz is by far the best way to combine ingredients while grilling.

Product Features

  • SAFE AND BETTER THAN WOODEN TOOTHPICKS – FDA Approved BPA Free Nylon Material is Safe for Indirect Heat Up to 500 degrees F. Wood kabob skewers and stick pins typically burn and splinter when used in a grilling situation. Bright colors are easily visible and removable.
  • BACON WRAP EVERYTHING – The ultimate bacon holder pin kit. Use Grill Pinz like bacon wrap clips to wrap bacon to steak, turkey, chicken, shrimp, and other meat, poultry, or seafood. Better and much easier than trussing bacon or using a food clip or wire holder.
  • BETTER THAN BBQ SKEWERS – Our barbed grill pins easily attach two pieces of meat together. More effective than using toothpicks or long skewers for grilling. Typical BBQ Skewer Sticks will pierce a steak, letting out all those delicious juices, while our 1.5 inch long pins only affix to the surface.
  • VERSATILE IN ANY COOKING SITUATION – Not just for bacon! Use for barbecue, roasting, baking, grilling, and broiling.
  • COLOR CODED – Use the different color pins to indicate doneness, spice level, or any other variation when you have multiple food items cooking and can’t tell what’s what!