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Shine some light wherever you need it!

The Lanterno Lamp is built for any situation. Whether it’s a grill, workbench, sewing machine, band saw, or vehicle, this is the tool you need to do the job right.

People choose Lanterno when they need the best. Here’s why:


24″ length means that you’ll never find an angle the Lanterno grill light can’t reach.

Three super magnets and an industrial strength jaw clamp keep the Lanterno Lamp exactly where you put it. This means no frustration while you are working.


At the end of the stainless steel gooseneck is the newest in LED technology: the COB emitter. Much brighter than other lights on the market, one COB light is more powerful than multiple standard LED lights combined. Less to set up and more to work with, the Lanterno Lamp was designed to be the best tool for the job.


Sometimes a little light is all you need, so we packed in a little something extra just in case. Along with the Lanterno Lamp, you will also receive the Lanterno Mini. A multifunctional flashlight, the Lanterno Mini is great for a variety of jobs. Place it under the grill, in the glove box, or point it like a flashlight.

And don’t worry, batteries for both the Lanterno Lamp and Lanterno Mini are included!

Product Features

  • ★ DUAL ACTION ★ SCREW CLAMP AND TRIPLE REINFORCED MAGNETIC BASE – Three powerful magnets and a rubberized screw clamp allow you to secure the Lanterno Lamp wherever you might need it. Whether you are grilling beneath the stars on a summer night or getting things done at the workbench, the Lanterno Lamp will stay exactly where you put it.
  • ★ SUPER LONG ★ ADJUSTABLE NECK – Packed with a 24 inch (2ft / 60cm) flexible gooseneck, the Lanterno Lamp can point in all directions to shine light exactly where you need it.
  • ★ 120 LUMENS ★ TREMENDOUS LIGHTING POWER – The COB lights bring LED technology to the next level. Competitors often need multiple lights to even get close to matching the lighting power of Lanterno. Beware of low quality options. Lanterno is built to last and built to shine!
  • ★ WEATHERPROOF ★ BUILT FOR THE ELEMENTS – Although we know you’ll take good care of your new Lanterno Lamp, these things are ready for the work day. Sawdust, rain, grease… it’s all just another day for the Lanterno.
  • ★ BATTERIES AND BONUS LIGHT INCLUDED ★ In addition to the main Lanterno Lamp, you will also receive a Lanterno Mini, which can be used both as a forward pointing flashlight and as a magnetic base side light. Place it anywhere you need some extra sight. BATTERIES INCLUDED FOR BOTH LAMPS!