Grill Accessories, 4 piece BBQ Tool Grill Set – Grill Tools Includes Stainless Steel Metal Spatula, Fork, Tongs and Instant Read Meat BBQ Thermometer, Great For Gifts – By BBQ Pro Club

Your Quest For The Ultimate Barbecue grill accessories Tools Search Stops Here! This Amazing bbq accessories Set Is All You Need To Make The Most Of Your BBQ Gatherings And Impress Friends, Family And Guests!

Gathering with friends and family and having a BBQ party is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and fun things to do.

However, if you really want to enjoy grilling and share delicious, tasty food with your beloved ones, you need high quality BBQ grill set tools.

BBQ Pro Club presents you with a 4 piece grill tools set which is bound to meet all your demands.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel metal Spatula, Fork, Tongs And Instant Read BBQ Thermometer All In One

This amazing barbecue tools and accessories set includes 4 incomparably useful pieces.

The instant read, digital thermometer will help you check upon the meat’s temperature and serve mouth -watering, well done dishes. This food thermometer can be used for multi function purposes, whether you want to use it as as a meat grill thermometer, or even to check your beverage temperature.

Moreover, the grilling fork and the pair of tongs will allow you to easily pick up and serve food. As for the grilling spatula, it can also be used as a bottle opener, providing you with countless possibilities.

Enjoy Unmatched Versatility

These BBQ tools can be used for many different occasions. Apart from making an excellent addition to your indoor and outdoor grilling accessories kit, you can use them in your kitchen, at camping or in your backyard.

Get ready to make burgers, chicken, steaks and many more!

Make The Perfect Gift

Apart from making this BBQ tools set yours, you can also offer it as a gift on any occasion. The high quality, the sturdy construction and the many different uses of the tools make them the perfect birthday, name day, anniversary or Christmas gift for both men and women.

Product Features

  • 4 PIECE BBQ TOOL GRILL ACCESSORIES SET – STAINLESS STEEL AND METAL SPATULA, FORK, TONGS and INSTANT READ – MEAT – DIGITAL BBQ GRILL THERMOMETER: Do you love organizing friends and family gatherings? Are you a fan of barbecue? It is about time you got yourself a present! This amazing bbq accessories – grill tools set is all you need to enjoy BBQ to the fullest. Get ready because from now on, people will be looking for a reason to come over and have a barbecue party at your place.
  • GRILL AND SERVE EVERYTHING IN AN ELEGANT MANNER: This BBQ accessories set includes a top notch, instant read digital thermometer that will help you check upon the meat’s temperature and serve the most delicious dishes. The LCD display screen will show you the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit according to your will. The 58 to 572F degrees temperature range, the anti-corrosion construction and the smart 10 minute auto power off function make this tool a must have!
  • GRILL AND SERVE EVERYTHING IN AN ELEGANT MANNER: Along with the BBQ thermometer, you will receive a grilling spatula, a pair of tongs and a fork. The spatula features a built in bottle opener and it can be used for many different purposes. The pair of tongs will allow you to pick up and serve food without dropping it, creating a mess. As far as the fork is concerned, it will help you skewer your food and grill it in detail.
  • EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND STORE: This incredible set includes highest quality, heavy duty grilling utensils that are built to last! Moreover, you can easily keep them clean by putting them in the dishwasher. These incomparable barbecue tools have been carefully designed to assure unmatched safety and comfort. The long, ergonomic handles will provide you with a firm, comfortable grip while allowing you to keep a distance from the fire.
  • MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT AND PUT A BIG SMILE ON SOMEONE’S FACE: A Unique And Cool Gift Item For – Men/Women, Dad, Guys, Husband, Boyfriend, Him and Birthdays. A perfect gift for both men and women. This Grill Accessories set is the PERFECT gift for your, father, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone! Spatula: 7.5 inches long; tongs: 16.25 inches long; fork: 16.5 inches long; thermometer: 9 inches long.