GASSAF 4FT 0-10PSI Adjustable High Pressure Propane Regulator Grill Connector with Hose for Tabletop grill, Heater, Camp Stove, Fire Pit Table, Turkey Fryer And More

Model Number: YX-QL01_4ft
High pressure LPG hose
The inlet pressure is 25-250PSIG
The high pressure LPG hose measures 4FT (48in) long
Max. flow capacity 122,000BTU/h
The red knob can be Adjustable pressure range is 0-10PSI
Fits most heater, fireplace, fire pit and variety of high pressure applications like torches, cooker and turkey fryers

Product Features

  • Suitable for 1/4-inches male orifice connector and QCC-1/Type-1 propane tank
  • Regulates pressure from 0 to 10 PSIG and Max. flow capacity 122,000BTU/h
  • Adapt to tabletop grill, heater, camp stove ,fire pit table , turkey fryer and more
  • Pass CSA certificate. The propane regulator with hose has excess flow protection for your safety and will automatically shut off, easy to install
  • High-quality 100% solid brass to provide secure and sealed connection between applications and tank