GasOne B-5200+50480 Cover Burner Outdoor Camp Stove Propane Gas

Strip down outdoor cooking to the basics using the b-5200 propane single burner. It features a lightweight frame & a cast iron burner with a high outputup to 85, 000 BTU. With a low-height build, this stove is heavy-duty & can take your home-cooking experience to another level. Whether it’s for tailgating, fishing, hunting, camping, or home brewing, the b-5200 makes the experience of being in the outdoors A convenient one.

Product Features

  • Weather proof cover – Gas one cover protects against rain, snow and other outdoor elements
  • Low height- ensures portability and is adaptable to your use, easy storage and mobility, good for heavy weights, heavy-duty
  • High output- up to 85, 000 – 100,000 BTU combined, extremely high power, boils and cooks very fast, perfect for Tailgating, Turkey frying, camping, fishing, hunting, and any other outdoor activities, easy to clean and use, just attach legs and hose to propane tank
  • STEEL-BRAIDED HOSE- Includes Listed 0-20 adjustable regulator and heat resistant, steel-braided hose, Ensures safe flow of pressure and gas, O-Ring on Regulator for leakage-free use
  • X- style grate- easy use and setup, durable and supportive, allows pots to sit on grate easily, very strong and sturdy