Fire Starter – Natural BBQ Charcoal Starter – 32 Pieces – Fast Lighting Weatherproof – Grill – Kamado Joe – Green Egg – Campfires – Chimney Starter



VERSATILE – you can quickly ignite and be warm and cosy by your wood stove and fireplace in the house, get your taste buds going with your BBQ grill, kamado joe, fire pit, chimney starter and pizza oven in the garden, or sit by your campfire in the great outdoors, a small and light addition to your fire starter survival kit.

CLEAN AND NATURAL – these fire starter sticks have no odor and are free from chemicals, there is no plastic bag with the packaging and are therefore ideal for today’s society. Wood wool fire starters are untreated slivers of sustainable wood dipped in paraffin wax, originally used for stuffed toys and beds, nowadays wood wool is used mainly for packaging and lighting fires. We want only the best for our family here at Naked Flame, and with these tumbleweeds you can have that too.

BRILLIANT BBQ’S AND GREAT GRILLS – do you want your grilled food healthy, moist and full of flavour, here at Naked Flame we always use alternative fuels on our lump charcoal to give our food delicious results.


Place one or two Naked Flame fire starters under some dry kindling, light the flaky strands and create some air flow, keep adding to your fire. They burn for 6-10 mins.

Store in a dry place, unlimited shelf life.

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Product Features

  • INDOOR OUTDOOR USE: Ideal coal starter for indoor fireplace and wood stove, fire pit, grill starter and smoker
  • FAST EASY LIGHTING: Wet windy weather tumbleweed firestarters will have your campfire wood burning in no time.
  • NO PLASTIC PACKAGING: 100% natural, non-toxic, no need for lighter fuel, keep your BBQ food healthy and tasty.
  • SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Give your hosts a wax fire starter for their weber chimney or pizza oven
  • CAMPING FIRE STARTER: Portable reliable convenient long burn and safe the ideal lighting nugget.