Electric Griddle Grill Machine, 73cm 4400W Commercial Electric Griddle Countertop Kitchen Hotplate Stainless Steel Top Commercial Restaurant Grill Machine

Heavy Duty Commercial Stainless Steel
4.4KW Even Heat Distribution
1cm Food Grade Plate
Fast heating and efficient
Highest quality stainless steel construction
Adjustable temperature from 50°C to 300°C
Dual Temperature Control Thermostats
Rapid heating up time and quick recovery
Easy Clean Grease Tray

Even heat distribution, 1cm thick cooking plate
Non-Slip Rubber Feet
Power 4400W
Voltage 110V / 60Hz
Plug: without
Certification: CB, CE, GS
Weight 25kg
Dimensions 73cm x 50cm x 23cm
Grill plate dimension 73cm x 50cm
CE certification

Product Features

  • ★The commercial electric countertop griddle with thermostatic controls delivers superior cooking performance no matter what’s on the menu!
  • ★A throttling thermostat adjusts from 50°C to 300°C to provide a quick response to surface temperature change. The heavy duty knobs ensure accurate temperature adjustment of +/- 5°C from the set point, while it’s highly polished 1cm thick griddle plate distributes heat evenly and recovers quickly.
  • ★This 73cm wide commercial electric griddle is built with durability and convenience in mind, with a stainless steel control panel, cool-touch front and splash guard.
  • ★Other user-friendly features of our commercial electric griddle include a front grease trough and grease chute for easier cleaning, and a large stainless steel grease drawer. Rubber feet to ensure the griddle is securely fastened to the countertop.
  • ★★Note: Since the power of the equipment is more than 3KW, according to the safety requirements, the plug cannot be connected. Please prepare the air switch (leakage switch) by yourself, and connect the equipment to the air to use it. Do not modify the plug without authorization.