Dr. Tobias – Activated Charcoal, Organic Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil – Superior Liquid Form for Better Absorption – Support for Gas, Bloating, Detox – Supplement For Men & Women – Non GMO

Fast-dissolving liquid filled capsules provide activated charcoal which is beneficial for occasional mild gas and bloating and helping to calm the stomach. Activated charcoal works through the chemical process of absorption trapping chemicals and toxins, including gas-generating compounds, in its millions of tiny pores. Having a negative charge in its porous surface, activated charcoal attracts positive charged toxins and gas which are then bonded to the charcoal. Please do not confuse the benefits of Activated Charcoal with the charcoal you use in your grill! The coconut is so well known for its many health promoting properties that it has earned the name “The Tree of Life”! This fruit’s wide spectrum of health benefits include those for the digestive tract. Containing impressive levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, coconut oil is thought to have a beneficial effect for the lining of the intestinal tract. In addition to being one of the classic scents of all time, peppermint oil also provides a number of health benefits-even the aroma is thought to be promote positive effects! Peppermint oil is considered helpful for the digestive tract especially in cases where higher digestive enzymes are needed.

Product Features

  • With Activated Charcoal, Organic Coconut Oil and Peppermint Oil
  • Superior Liquid Capsules for Better Absorption
  • May Help Soothe Occasional Gas & Bloating
  • Supports Detox
  • Made in USA, 120 Capsules