Cook Time BBQ Grill Brush and Scraper 18’’ Bristle Free Safe Stainless Steel Woven Wire Barbecue Cleaner 3 in 1 Grill Cleaning Brush Perfect for Weber Gas/Charcoal Grill Grates.

Gone are the days of dangerous bristle wire brushes! Cook Time BBQ Grill Brush is aupgrade version of last year bestseller , firmly embedded in steel pipe throughtight rotation woven, effective to remove the stubborn stains and hard-to-removelumps ,make your cleaning easier ,enjoy grilling with your friends and family ! Extra strong scraper effective to remove the stubborn stains and root out the hard-to-remove lumps with ease Long handle keep you away from the heat and perfect angle is easy for you to apply less pressure . Clean more than 5X faster! 3-in-1 360°rotationhead enough to clean more area with each stroke. Perfect for any surface including steel, cast iron, charcoal,smokers , porcelain , ceramic and more! 85% more durable than a conventional brush not fast rust and easyfall apart. Improve the life of the grillbrush , starting with the using method : Step 1: Pre-Heat Grill Step 2: Push the grill scrapergently back and force to scrape off the stubborn residue or grease on the grill Step 3: Fill a small containerwith water to dip the grill cleaning brush in frequently while brushing. Step 4: Work in squaresections defined by horizontal grates. Please don’t glide over horizontalgrates as you would with a wire brush. Step 5: Angling the bbq grillbrush backwards slightly can provide a deeper clean. Step 6: Please placed it inventilated place to dry after each use. Warm tips: — For the sake of safety andhealth , no matter use any BBQ brush for grill, please always thoroughly wipedown the cleaned area afterwards to remove any bristles , dust , and block thatmay have come off during the cleaning process and got stuck to the bars. — Please put the grill brush outof the reach of children and do not touch it directly by your hands .

Product Features

  • ✅New Update – This grill brush is animproved version , the baffle in front of the brush prevents stains fromspattering while others do not have . Prepare to dust each residue with itsinnovative 360-degree rotator.
  • ✅Faster Cleaning – BBQ grill cleaner combine 3 brush in 1 , each one with same strove, equivalent to three traditional brushes working at the same time, cleaning efficiency is five times faster than an ordinary grill scraper . Remove stubborn stains deeply and efficiently.
  • ✅Ideal Handle – 18” inches long handle wire grill brush provide a safe distance avoid getting burnt and scalding generated by the barbecue grill . High quality and non-sliding materials give you a safe grip and easy to control ,will not fall or break even under great pressure.
  • ✅Multi-Purpose – Recommend for all types of grills , the bbq brush can be used in whatever gas ,charcoal ,smoker ,porcelain ,cast iron , ceramic , infrared grill and any other grills , make your grill look brand new in no time.
  • ✅Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not fully satisfied with BBQ grill cleaner ,please contact us ,we ensure you can receive a replacement or a full refund at any time. You don’t need take risks for the product .