BBQ Grill Light with Powerful LED Lights- A Must when it Comes to Grill Accessories. Our Grill Lights are Made from Tough Fire Resistant ABS Plastic. Water/Heat Resistant. Fits Most Outdoor Grills

Problem- Grilling at night with not enough light…. oh no !!!

Result- Undercooked… or even worse overcooked grilling products due to poor lighting.

Solution- Grill light by Tier One Brand that gives you that helping hand when you need it most. Make your life a little easier with this unique and very durable grill light… you will be glad you did.

High impact and temperature resistance- Made from a tough plastic polymer that can withstand temperatures of 518 degrees Fahrenheit or 270 degrees Celsius.

Water and dust resistant…IP65 certified conducted by an independent laboratory to validate water resistance on our LED grill light.

Very easy to install our grill light and it can fit on virtually any bar, etc. that is not more than 1.5” (inches) in diameter (3.8cm).

360 degree rotation and is able to point in virtually any direction when you need it most. Easy touch sensitive on/off with 2 settings….50% and 100%. 10 ultra bright LED lamps for high visibility when you need it most.

Other uses- Not only for outdoor grill lighting. Our barbeque grill light can also be used for camping, accent lighting, reading under the stars, tree branches, railing and much more.

So stop the frustration when trying to make due with lack of light…. when you grill at night. You will be glad you bought our grill light that will truly make your life a little easier. Try the Tier One Brand grill light for a 60-day money back guarantee and a 3-year replacement guarantee.


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Product Features

  • BEST BY TEST BARBECUE GRILL LIGHT by Tier One Brand has 10 ultra bright LED lights that provide 200 lumen to light up your grill work surface where it’s needed most. Stop under cooking or even worse stop over cooked what’s on your grill. Use our grill light and make your life a little easier. Go with the best BBQ Light….by Tier One Brand. You’ll be glad you did.
  • HIGHEST WEATHERABILITY COMPARED TO OTHER LED GRILL LIGHTS- Our lights for BBQ Grills are made of durable ABS plastic that can withstand high temperatures. This LED grill light has an impressive IP65 weatherability certification from an independent laboratory. This means our outdoor grill light will withstand rain, wind and dust for many, many years of great service and fun grilling under the stars. Grill lights for BBQ…. we have you covered.
  • MAKE YOUR OUTDOOR BBQ GRILL FUN AT NIGHT with our outdoor BBQ light. No more scrambling and fumbling around for a flashlight to assist you when your hands are full of meat, vegetables, breakable plates or other grilling products. Stop getting frustrated when we have a simple solution for you guys….the grill LED light by Tier One Brand. They’re great bbq grill accessories.
  • VERY EASY TO USE AND MULTI- FUNCTIONAL FOR ALL YOUR OUTDOOR GRILLING- Clamps to your outdoor bbq grill and fits most gas and electric grills with handles. Our grill lights have great rotation and turn 360 degrees which means they angle very nicely over your work surface compared to other grill lights being sold. Great barbecue light coverage for hands free use all the time. Our grilling light can also be used for camping, tree branches, biking, mood lighting outside, railing, and much more.
  • 100% COVERAGE WITH OUR WARRANTY- We offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and a 3-year replacement guarantee if your portable grill light fails under normal usage. Quality products and customer satisfaction is our #1 mission in what we do. Our grill light kit includes; 1 grill light, 1 screwdriver for the battery compartment, user manual and an insert card with our contact information. BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED.