BBQ Grill Light, AGPtek All-Purpose Waterproof 12 LED Super Bright Battery Powered Desk Lamp, Magnetic Base & Adjustable Screw Clamp, Premium Sturdy Aluminum Light for Barbecue, Grilling&More

Do you usually go BBQ with families and friends? If yes, this AGPtek BBQ Grill Light is your best choice.
It has 12 super bright LED lights, bright enough to light up your food on the grill. Its 22” long neck is flexible and can adjust 360° to illuminate your food. Powered with 3 AAA batteries (NOT included), you can change batteries whenever it is out of power.
The heavy magnetic base and adjustable screw clamp make it possible to stick or stay on most metallic and non-metal surfaces firmly. Made of premium sturdy aluminum, it can perfectly resist water and withstand any heat.
No matter how close you want to get to the grill, this grill light won’t melt like other lights of plastic body. With it, you can enjoy healthy delicious food and safe barbecue!

* All-Purpose BBQ Grill Light with 12 Super Bright LED Lights
* Premium Sturdy Aluminum Construction
* 23.6” Flexible Long Neck can Adjust 360° for Illumination
* Heavy Magnetic Base -Sticks Firmly to Most Metallic Surfaces
* Adjustable Screw Clamp – Keeps Grill Light Firmly on Non-Metal Surfaces
* Water-Resistant, Weather-Resistant & Dustproof
* Powered with 3 AAA Batteries (NOT included)
* Ideal for BBQ, Grilling, Desktop & More; Also Can be Used as A Desk Lamp

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light: 12 PCS LED
Power: Powered with 3 AAA batteries
Size: Base: 100*95*111mm ; Tube: 600mm; Light (extended): 770mm

Package including
1 x AGPtek BBQ Grill Light

Product Features

  • Super Bright LED Light: This BBQ grill light with 12 super bright LEDs lights can light up all your surroundings. You don’t need to grill in dim light or even in dark.
  • Heavy Magnetic Base: Built with 3 powerful magnetic. This heavy base can stick firmly to most metallic surfaces, such as BBQ grills or stove tops.
  • Adjustable Screw Clamp: It also has a adjustable screw clamp for any non-metal surface, such as plastic and wood surface. So it can also be used as a great desk lamp.
  • 23.6” Flexible Long Neck: This 23.6inch long neck can adjust 360° to illuminate your food on the grill. You can also quickly move the light out of the way when you don’t need it.
  • Waterproof & Durable: Powered with 3 AAA batteries( NOT included). Made of premium solid aluminum, it can resist water and withstand any heat. No matter how close you want to get to the grill, this grill light will be your best and safest choice.