BBQ Dragon Heat Deflecting Grill Stone, Smoking Stone & Pizza Stone for 22″ Weber Kettle Grills – Ceramic Grilling Accessory Turns Your Charcoal Grill Into a Smoker or Outdoor Convection Oven

Turn your kettle grill into a smoker or convection oven – just by popping in this grill stone. This heavy ceramic grill stone fits just under your grate, and prevents radiant heat from burning your food, so you can grill low and slow, or cook a whole chicken or rib roast – without EVER having to turn the food. This grill stone is made from 1″ thick Cordierite engineered ceramic. It withstands temperatures over 1200F degrees and is built to last forever. Simple to use: Just set it in your grill – it automatically fits at the perfect height – just below your grate, and well above the charcoal. The patented shape allows you to add or rake your charcoal from one side. Add wood chunks if you’re smoking, dump in more charcoal, all without having to remove the stone – or even remove your grate, if you’re using a BBQ Dragon rotating grate that has a handy charcoal door built right in. We are so sure that this new grill stone will absolutely transform your charcoal grill – making it 10x more useful – that if you don’t LOVE it, we’ll give full money back, no questions asked. We cook ribs in this every week because it’s SO EASY. Toss a chimney full of hot coal in the grill, add a couple of hickory wood chunks, set the BBQ Dragon Grill Stone in the grill, and drop in your grate as you normally do. You’re ready to smoke! Plenty of room for up to 3 racks of ribs on the grate above the stone. Put on the lid. Adjust the air vents to keep the temperature around 250. Keep your eye on it and have a few beers. This is the one accessory you gotta try for your Weber 22″ kettle. You can also use it as a pizza stone – and it’s the best pizza stone you can possibly buy for this grill – huge area for pizza, super-thick for heat retention and thermal mass. And it fits the shape of your round grill, as well as having a unique patented space for adding charcoal to get your grill super-hot for authentic pizza cooking temperatures. BBQ Dragon makes quality grill accessories.

Product Features

  • USE YOUR CHARCOAL GRILL AS A SMOKER or convection oven. Smoke ribs, whole chickens, prime rib – low ‘n slow, without constant turning or over-cooking. Easy to add more coal or wood chunks through the opening, to keep the grill hot for 12 hours or more
  • INSTANTLY CONVERTS a 22″ Weber kettle grill (or similar products) into an outdoor wood-fired oven. Quick, easy, and really works. Just place the stone in the grill. It sits just below the grate, with the charcoal underneath
  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANT CORDIERITE ceramic allows perfect temperature control for smoking ribs, by adjusting the vents in your smoker. The grill stone also adds thermal mass to keep heat even
  • ROAST WHOLE CHICKENS, RIB ROASTS, turkeys, lamb on your charcoal grill. Stops drips and flareups from burning chicken thighs, and cook a whole chicken without turning once. One pile of charcoal cooks at oven temps for 2 to 3 hours
  • USE AS A MASSIVE PIZZA STONE, by placing on top of, instead of under, the grate. Fits grill perfectly so you can cook huge pizzas, and use the patented opening to keep adding coal for super-hot pizza oven temperatures!