BBQ Creations B-007 PortaSpit Portable Spit Rotisserie/BBQ Charcoal Grill (Large Version)

If you’re an experienced roaster or new to the roasting game,you’ll love the B-007 It’s convenient and easy to use. More importantly, itwill help you to create delicious food.

Our Patent Pending design offers dual side mounted trays thatoffer a unique way of controlling the roasting temperature and avoids charcoalflash ups and pre-mature charcoal burn out from dripping fat and juices. Thetrays are mounted on each side of the meat allowing the cooking juices and fatsto drop into a lower collecting tray, while the charcoal stays hot and alive onthe side of the meat.

Rotated by a 3V wireless battery motor, (3 “AA” sizebatteries, 12-hours), the rotisserie roaster has a large cooking area thatmakes for easy and even roasting of larger meats like lamb, prime rib, beefroast, chicken, pork roast or whole turkey. With the unrivalled taste of meatcooked over charcoal fire, there’s ample firebox space to cook the mostdemanding heavy loads. There’s good ventilation to produce tender, juicy flavoredmeat and roasts every time. Made from durable stainless-steel, also includes astandard BBQ grill rack for standard grilling.


* Stainless-steel rotisserie/BBQ grill with large cooking area

* Dual, sliding firebox’s fortemperature-controlled charcoal cooking

* 3V wireless motor (12-hour, 3 “AA” size batteries)

* Good Firebox ventilation to keep charcoal burning and hot

* Food grade,Nickel plated, stainless-steel rotisserie rod, meat forks

* Foldup legs, easy disassembly for portable use

* Standard BBQ grilling rack included


(1) Spit roaster rotisserie/BBQ with two sliding charcoal firebox fuel trays

(1) Rotisserie spit rod

(4) Meat forks

(1) 12-hour, 3 “AA” size batteries, Rotisserie Motor (batteries not included)

(1) Standard grilling rack

(1) User manual

Product Features

  • The Patent Pending Pending dual charcoal trays provide variable heat by moving them in and out, with side roasting of the meat the cooked off fat and juices fall freely into the bottom collection tray. This unique design ensures, long lasting, charcoal life and no flame ups during the cooking process due to no fat dripping on the charcoal
  • The 12-hour, battery operated (3 “AA” size batteries), rotating spit motor ensures even roasting of up to 30 pounds of meat
  • Great for Spit BBQ grilling anything that can be placed on a spit: pork roast, beef roast, prime rib, lamb leg, turkey, multiple chickens
  • Standard grilling rack supplied, with charcoal trays pushed all the way in, the grill can act as a standard BBQ grill great for hot dogs and hamburgers
  • PortaSpit is built for portability. Easily fold up and take anywhere great for the backyard, a camping trip or the beach