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Clean your BBQ grill like never before without dangerous wires. Remove baked on food and grease to restore your cooking surfaces to like-new condition. Cordless Drill NOT included.

Product Features

  • Clean your gas grill, smoker, oven, or charcoal grates with this no-wire kit. Our brushes have NO WIRES and are much SAFER: “A number of surgeons recommend that wire brushes not be used to clean barbecue grills. In some cases, bristles break off the brush which then become deposited in food cooked on the grill. Ingestion of these bristles can cause gastrointestinal perforation.”
  • Modernize your arsenal of old-fashioned wire brushes that never get clean and tend to rust as well. Replace all your wire brush drill attachments with these aggressive, Ultra Stiff Black, all nylon, drill powered upgrades. No more broken and loose flying wires to deal with.
  • Some common applications include cleaning BBQ grills, smoker grates, or oven racks of baked-on food and heavy grease deposits. Use outside for restoration of brick and mortar by removing rust, hard water or mineral stains. These brushes can also be used for industrial applications such as heavy duty stripping of loose paint and other harsh scrubbing applications. Erase stubborn painted graffiti from stone walls or metal surfaces.
  • Large 5 inch diameter round Ultra Stiff drill powered scrub brush. This brush has super stiff and aggressive nylon bristles for the removal of stains on concrete, brick or stone. The large diameter is especially useful for larger de-scaling projects on metal surfaces or removal of loose paint.
  • All Drillstuff Products have a 90 day no questions asked Money back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product we will issue a full refund or ship out a replacement at the buyer’s request. Cordless Drill NOT included.