Barbecue Grill Light, AGPtek Ultra Bright BBQ Light with 10 Super Bright LED Lights Handle Bar Mount BBQ Light for Grilling Fully Adjustable -Easy to Install- Touch Sensitive Switch

With our Ultra Bright LED BBQ light, you’ll be able to see everything when you BBQ at night!
Are you in the dark about grilling? Have you ever ruined some quality meat on your grill after the sun goes down? This Barbecue Grill Light provides a perfect solution for this situation.

• Featuring with adjustable c-clamp ensures a practically universal fit. you can attach it to your grill’s handle without any need for tools or force. in a second, Simply loosen the included mounting hardware by hand, and connect it as you see fit.
• With adjustable swivel and pivot, giving you maximum projection over your entire grilling area. and also perfect for the workshop or garage anytime wherever it is dark.
• Made of weather-resistant and heat-resistant ABS with a black, smooth finish for decades of durability. That way you won’t ever worry about the BBQ light melting down from the grill’s high heat.
• In fact, you can safely use our lamp with all grills including gas, charcoal and electric models. However, Do not expose to rain for long periods of time and Please keep a safe distance with the fire.

Product Features

  • Perfect Gift – 10 ultra-bright LED for illuminating your entire grill all night long. Guaranteeing that even after dark you’ll be able to sear to perfection or slow cook to desired doneness. Don’t let the early sunsets of winter or the darkness that descends on a late night get-together keep you from properly grilling.
  • Heat & Water Resistant – Made from durable, heat-resistant ABS plastic, can withstand intense heat for long periods of time.
  • Simple Installation – Easy To Attach, Easy To Use, Versatile – With easy no-tool attachment and a 180 degree swivel head, this grill light can handle a lot more than your grill. (no tools required), fits most grills, Adjustable swivel head,also perfect for the workshop or garage anytime wherever it is dark.
  • Touch Sensor Switch – Easily turns on and off with slight touch. Great for camping, garage, or even as an emergency car flashlight.
  • Versatile – While it’s perfect for lighting up your grill as the nights draw in, it’s also extremely versatile. The adjustable screw clamp lets your attach the light to almost anything, providing you with ultra-bright illumination.