60pcs Natural Fire Starter Squares for Big Green Egg,Fire Charcoal Starter Cubes For Barbecue Grill, Kamado Joe Primo,Smokers Charcoal Grill,Campfires,Fast lighting Waterproof Odorless and Safe

Great miracle in this tiny little squares

Firelighters bring you faster and more complete ignition of the fire


30*2 Pack

100% NATURAL – created from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax.


No chemical, a hundred percent natural 

Odorless when it burns and burns very cleanly, maintain your food natural flavor

Very easy to use – place 1 or 2 starter bricks within your wood or charcoal pile

Also works well with chimney starter

Load chimney starter with charcoal, place the nugget on the grill charcoal grate, light it.

Place the filled chimney on top. 

You’ll have hot charcoal and ready to cook in 15 – 25 minutes.


For efficient light, make certain you have good spacing for airflow.

Product Features

  • LIGHT INSTANTLY–rough edges that catch fire super fast,If you use coals these accessories make your fire in a few seconds. The fire lighting nuggets are great for campsite fires, barbecue grills, fireplaces and woodstoves.
  • NO CHEMICAL SMELL, 100% NATURAL–created from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax. They are free from harmful chemicals, so they can be safe for you and the environment. These lighting starters are completely odorless and they will give no smell or smoke once they burn.
  • EASY TO SEPARATE AND STORE–Separating the planks into squares is easy when you bend both directions.These squares are super compact so they are easy to store. Each square is about 1.75″ square.
  • LONG LASTING–Burns for 10 minutes per square. These eco-friendly fire starters are very long lasting and they will burn completely for perfect results.
  • WEATHER PROOF–Burns very well but lasts a long time, can start a fire even with wet wood. Small and light weight enough to take backpacking,camping, and hiking.