36 Pcs Charcoal Fire Starter All Weather BBQ Camping Fire Starter Waterproof,Super Fast Lighting,All Natural Eco-Friendly Pack Fire lighter For Weber Charcoal Grill Kamado Joe Big Green Egg Fire Pit

🔥🔥🔥Starting a fire is no longer a pain!!🔥🔥🔥

☞Are you still worried about starting the fire in the damp weather?

☞Are you still having the trouble in starting a fire while camping?

☞Are you still giving up the idea of barbecue because it’s hard to make a fire in the winter?

☞Are you looking for a way to light a fire instantly?

Congratulations! you finally found us:

—BBQ Charcoal Fire Starter All Weather!😁

Our ecological Natural firestarter is produced from mixed wood fiber and wax,It will easily start burning large pieces of wood, coal, brown coal, briquette, eco-pea,pellets and even wet wood.perfect for barbecue grills,big green egg,kamados,primo ceramic grill,weber kettle,smokers,wood stove and campfire.


✔Make your fire in a few seconds-it looks a bit odd but lights easily and burn well enough to light the charcoal with ease,without having to keep re-lighting them.

✔Ecological natural composition-Made out of wood wool and wax,they will not give off any toxic and unpleasant smell,without much smoke.

✔Long-lasting-They’re compressed enough tightly and contained more paraffin,Burns very long to light your lump charcoal! 8 to 10 minutes!!this kindling is perfect for hiking and emergency too!

✔Waterproof-The tumbleweeds fire starter burns great at any weather.The firestarters can light a fire instantly even with wet or damp log.

Forget about using wadded up newspaper in your grill chimney starter!

Camping need to be easy!

Barbecue need to be easy!!

Lighting a fire need to be easy!!!



Product Features

  • 🔥FAST&EASY LIGHTING-Charcoal starter lights within 1/10th of a second,lights even in damp or windy conditions unlike the compressed, flat square starters (which are typically made from pressed newspaper, cardboard or sawdust).The charcoal chimney starter is great for barbecue smokers and easier than sawdust.➤The food should be placed on the grill after the firelighter is completely burned out.;
  • 🔥100% NATURAL FIRE STARTER-Dracarys EasyFire fire starters are created from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax, meaning whatever you cook over them will taste natural, with no residues or toxic chemical waste left behind;
  • 🔥LONG-LASTING-The burning time of one fire starter is from 8 to 10 minutes,It will easily start burning large pieces of wood, brown coal, briquette, eco-pea, pellets and even wet wood.➤Do not use spirits or gas for lightning up and re-lighting after extinguishing.;
  • 🔥GRILLING & CAMPING ESSENTIAL-Best quick and easy campfire starter, makes it simple to light a fire;perfect size for the carrying ina backpack ,portable fire starter kit for camping and hunting trips;
  • 🔥PERFECT USE EXPERIENCE-Our charcoal fire starter perfect fit for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe smokers,weber grills, fire pits, and campfires,competition grade barbeques.Perfect size for the carrying in a backpack