14 Inch, 304 Stainless Steel, Charcoal Grill Cooking Replacement Grate – Upgrade for use with 14″ Weber Smokey Joe – Heavy Gauge (Solid Steel, Non-Plated)

This grill cooking grate is a replacement and upgrade for the Weber Smokey Joe Grill cooking grate. Made from high quality 100% stainless steel.

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY 304 STAINLESS STEEL – This is not chrome or nickle plated. Great for anyone with nickel allergy or concerned about nickel carcinogens. No flaking from cheap plating.
  • FITS 14 INCH SMOKEY JOE GRILL – Actual grate size is 13.6 inches
  • CORROSION RESISTANT – polished steel
  • Extra cross bar surface area than original OEM grate for better food surface contact
  • HYPOALLERGENIC for anyone with nickel allergies