Smoker Bags – Set of 6 Alder Smoking Bags for Indoor or Outdoor Use – Easily Infuse Natural Wood Flavor

Camerons Products Smoker Bag is made for oven, grill or campfire use. Use with fish, poultry, beef, pork, vegetables and game meat. The wood chip flavoring is already inside, sealed between the bottom two layers of foil and held in place by natural wood syrups, so preparation of your meal is a snap. The fish, poultry, meat, tofu or vegetables can be placed in the bag with seasonings to your taste – no fats, oils or salt need to be added. Fold the opening end three or four times to seal and press firmly. Place on the medium high barbeque grill or on the bottom rack of your 500 degree oven for the times given. The bag will balloon while cooking. Remove and cut the top open with a sharp knife for your moist and tasty smoked meal. Serve food from the foil bag and then toss away the bag. NO CLEAN UP AT ALL. Alder is the mildest taste and best for fish. This set includes a pack of 6 alder bags. Easy to use instructions and recipes are included on the packaging.

Product Features

  • Alder is the mildest taste and best for fish
  • 6 wood-chip bags for infusing food with smoky flavor
  • Wood-chip flavoring pre-sealed inside; releases smoke as it cooks
  • Works with an oven, grill, campfire, or other heat source
  • Easy to use; no messy cleanup