New House Kitchen Electric Smokeless Indoor Large BBQ Griddle w/Non-Stick Cooking Surface Temperature Control, Dishwasher Safe Removable Drip Tray, Portable Kitchen-Grill, Black

The New House Kitchen electric smokeless indoor grill is essential for grilling year-round. Its temperature control knob seamlessly goes from warm to sear, achieving the grill marks you love without the hassle of needing charcoal, standing outside or producing pesky smoke. It achieves the same grilled taste and flavor you love and has a cooking surface designed with different heat zones, so you can grill multiple ingredients like meat and veggies all at once. This grill is powered by a 1200-watt motor and 120 volts making it an appliance you can rely and enjoy for years to come. After you’ve devoured your burgers, hot dogs, kebabs and veggie dishes, clean-up is almost non-existent thanks to the grill’s dishwasher-safe top and drip tray. And because it produces little to no smoke, there will be evidence of what you were up to in the kitchen The next day. Be sure to find the perfect spot on the counter for this one, because the New House Kitchen grill is a game-changer for all home chefs.

Product Features

  • GRILLED TO PERFECTION: Perfect for any grilling need, the New House Kitchen Indoor Grill is built with a temperature control knob that goes from warm to sear, achieving the grill marks you love minus all the smoke.
  • INDOOR GRILLING: No more trekking in and out of the house with supplies or waiting until it gets warm outside to satisfy your BBQ cravings. Unlike other indoor grills, New House Kitchen’s grill produces significantly less smoke – just be sure to fill the drip tray with water before using it.
  • MULTI-TASK: Its cooking surface contains various heat zones for grilling a variety of food and ingredients all at once – steak, fish, vegetables and more! The grill is backed by a 1200-watt motor and 120 volts which means better durability and longevity. In other words, this grill is sticking around.
  • SAFE & EASY CLEAN-UP: This grill has cool-touch handles so there are no oops-ouch moments. It also shuts off automatically if the temperature begins to exceed its max. When it’s time to clean-up, the grill top and drip tray can be easily removed and are safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • PURCHASE WORRY FREE: For your convenience, a 1 year hassle-free warranty is provided by New House Kitchen.