LavaLock® RED – XTR78 1000F High Temp Rated BBQ Smoker Gasket Self Stick Felt 7/8 x 1/8

LavaLock® XTR series gaskets are the Highest temp felt gaskets that we offer. LIFETIME WARRANTY (1x replacement) Rated to 900F continous and 1000F excursions. This is a top brand and the highest temp felt offered. 7/8 x 1/8 x 15 ft which is plenty for most grills. This gasket does it all. Should this gasket EVER fail, for ANY reason, we will replace it one time, for FREE, for the LIFE of your grill.

Product Features

  • 1000F high temp grill gasket
  • LavaLock® XTR series
  • Self stick
  • 7/8″ x 1/8″ x 15 feet long
  • Lifetime 1x replacement warranty.