Kitchen Outdoor Aluminum Perforated Basket Strainer Fry Pot with Meat Mallet Combo

The Bayou Classic 10 quart Fry Pot is made of Commercial Strength Aluminum and features Heavy Duty Riveted Handles and Perforated Basket. Perfect for frying chicken, fish, hushpuppies and corn fritters. The basket has a hook right below the main handle and allows the strainer to sit up a few inches so that the oil can drain after cooking. The pot is 12 inch diameter. 4 3/4 inch deep. No Lid provided. Advise: do not put the pot on the flame when it is empty because it will melt and the handles get hot and you can only handle it with gloves when frying. If you’re fond of thin cutlets or like your meat tender as butter, the SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer is the tool for the job–it’s got a flat side for pounding and a textured side for tenderizing. It’s also non-slip under wet or dry conditions. Tenderize beef, pork, chicken and other meats. Use flat or textured side for food prep. Soft-grip ergonomic handle offers comfort and non-slip control. Superior design and quality. The head of the mallet is 2.5 inches wide, weighs about 13 oz. About 9-1/2 inches long. It is a heavy duty rubber like substance that makes tenderizing very easy. It is heavy in your hand, allowing gravity to assist with the pounding. It is also very good at flattening meats. (This listing is managed and sold by FNG Homestead)

Product Features

  • Able to do 32-40 shrimp, or 1lb, in about 4 min. Perfect for a small gather making chicken wings
  • Nice large pot for your fish fries. More fish in the pot means less time cooking and more time eating
  • Works well for frying medium amounts of food. Like the fact that it has an fill line so you don’t put too much cooking oil in the pot. Having that handle for the basket makes life easy
  • This huge pot is perfect as a deep frying and boiling pot
  • Great for frying fish on an outdoor propane stove